Sweet.mother.of. Pink!

My ovaries melted like butter when Root rolled up on her motorcycle. In Leather. Then asked Shaw to hop on  because they were going to Alaska for a jet ride.

Is there anything more sexier than a psychotic woman and her side kick on a motorcycle?

Getting so hot and bothered over Root and Shaw is ridiculous, but what a lovely guilty pleasure!!!!




I took Chads order. I chuckled.
Ooh someone sounded surly this morning! I thought.
“That was Chad” Timmie said to me as he pulled away from the window.
Me: I know I took his order.
I am in First. Bored as fuck. I perk up.
Oh chad is here. I turn to the window, just as I see his truck.
Moments Justin says to me over the headset: “chad is at the counter.”
Me: I know. I saw his truck. I always know when he is here.”
Justin said something. I laughed.
“I have Chad ESP” I replied.


These kids tried the wasabi challenge, which I nearly lost my supper watching. They decided to try the Deep Heat challenge. Which was putting Deep Heat on their ballsacks!!!
It was the most ridiculous hilarious spectacle I ever watched!!!
I think I was laughing so hard I almost cried!!!


Do you know what a swear word is? I didn’t swear!

A customer rolled up to the speaker, started swearing as soon as I asked for his order. I asked for him to please stop. He told me he wasn’t.
“I can hear you. I can see you. I am being nice here. I asked you to stop. So please let’s be calm and collected during the order.” I replied coolly.
He tried to use a coupon, then got angry when I informed it was expired.
“The expiry dates are on the coupons, please keep your voice polite”
Everytime he tried to throw his bitch voice at me, I would deflect it.
So proud I didn’t lose it!
Bitch, don’t roll up and try to pull attitude with me I will shut you down!!


How could you be such a bitch? Teasing poor Jordan like that first thing in the morning?

I didnt know he was there, until after I came. ( I heard him get up and went to have my shower)

I got off knowing he was listening!!!

Then he coughed.

Oh, dear. I am so bad.

I figured I wouldnt piss off GF anymore than if I was being playful in the shower, than I was in the bedroom.

She really doesnt like it when I am a bit loud with my pleasure…

which is like calling the pot black.

so I decided to cool it for a bit.

let her think she won.

But who are we kidding?

I always win.