I think of you on the darkest of nights
To ease my fears
Your face comes to mind, and calms the tumultuous of thoughts
If only your arms were around me giving me the strength and courage I need
If only you were here!


Just finished watching the season 2 premiere of BLACK LIST!

Why couldnt Red’s estranged wife be a damn psychopath?

That would have been alot more interesting than this mild mannered mouse that Berlin kidnapped.

Naomi could  have been a total nutter, a crack case holding it together, barely hinged in a facade of marriage. Then unleashes her frustration on Berlin!

When the blindfold/bag is pulled off her face, and Berlin gets in her face. “Hello Mrs. Reddington!” he greets her.

A cold smile could have curved her lips. “My name is not Reddington!”

So many possibilities there…

Yet epic fail!


And forgetting that the curtains are partly open and I just got out of the shower…
Hear something outside…
Go to investigate.
If that isn’t a stereotypical horror movie plot line unfolding right there I don’t know what is!!!


It was Jordan.
Big sigh of relief!


“Babe”  his sleep rough voice tiptoed through the amber haze of my dreams.

I shifted lower into the sheets, “go away, I am sleeping!” I mumbled.

He chuckled, his warm breath whispered over my ear. he knew my ears were my kryponite. My sweet spot began to tingle, as he nuzzled my throat. “Babe!” he was a persistent bastard. I knew he wanted something. I wanted desperately to go back to sleep, but he had other ideas!

“You are making me feel anger!” I pouted.

He burst out laughing, wrapping his arms around my waist he pulled me back against his chest. I could feel his morning boner pressing up against me, and wonderful naughty things came to mind.

He kissed my shoulder, “Are you really sleepy? Or are you getting horny?”

I twisted my head to stare at him. “You are cheating!” I sighed. “You know playing with my ears gets me wet and horny!”

His expression was one of innocent mischievousness, and I grind my hips back. He groaned as his cock rode the crevice of my ass. I kissed him, taking him by surprise.

The sheets were still wet from the night before, sticking to my body as he pressed me into the mattress. He smiled against my mouth. “I loved how I made you cum, last night. The way you screamed my name,” he muttered.

My body shivered in response at the memory of coming so hard I drenched the sheets with my cum.

His mouth left mine to travel down my body, “You didnt make me breakfast!” I pointed out.

He nipped my thigh. “Afterwards,” he promised.

My fingers slid into his hair, my eyes sweeping close as his breath teased my clit. “So wet.” he growled.

The first swipe of his tongue made me arch. He took his time, ignoring my cries and pleas as his tongue and mouth licked and sucked my clit. One of his fingers slid hard and deep.

Then hooked.

“Open your eyes,” I heard him through the pleasure pulsing through me. I did so, and found he was watching me, his eyes locked on me.

I bit my lip, as another moan escaped. “You’re going to cum.” it wasnt a question, it was rather matter of fact.

I nodded. My body was quivering, my pussy clenching around his finger. It felt so good, felt amazing. i opened my mouth to tell him to keep doing it, to keep eating me, instead a cry escaped my lips. My orgasm ripped through me, leaving my body a trembling mess.

‘” I managed when he raised himself above me.

He laughed. “You should see your face when you come. You have a stunned look. Like I tasered you!”

I hit him, then slid my hands over his shoulders, down his back to grip his ass. “Shut up, will ya.”

He thrust hard.

“I love this. I love being inside you,” he groaned. I hissed as he rocked his hips, withdrawing before pushing deep.

He surprised me by going slow. His mouth covered mine. “I want to cum inside you.” he whispered against my mouth.

I loved how full he made me feel. the thick length of his cock slowly easing in and out of my slick wet pussy. The sounds of his breath, harsh and hoarse, mingling with my whimpering sighs. Most of all I loved how his body felt beneath my fingers.

Perspiration beaded on his skin, the lean muscles of his back rippled and tensed, and ass flexed with every thrust.

I was hauled onto his lap, and I ride him slowly. His hands on my ass, making sure I didnt hurry the tempo.

“Please,” I whimpered. I was so close to coming.

He nuzzled my throat, and bit my ear. “Come for me!”

I cried out as the unexpected sensation of his teeth, set me off.

He slammed his cock hard and fast, riding through my orgasm.

I felt him cum, deep inside me. His hoarse groan echoing in my ears.

I sank into him, and smiled drowsily. “Breakfast?”

He groaned. “Later!” he rolled me with him, tucking me against him. “Its too early!”

I sighed. “Figures.”

He pulled the duvet up over us. “are you ok with what happened.” he asked sometime later.


“we didnt use protection.”

“I cant get pregnant. so i dont care.” I sighed. I nuzzled close to him. “Are you ok with it?”

he was silent for a moment. “Yes.”

There was something in his voice, that made me raise my head and look up at him. “You knew that right? That I couldnt get pregnant?” I asked.

He swiped his hand over his face. “Yes,” he kissed my forehead. “I forgot, ok.”

I rested my head on his chest. “You sound so disappointed.” I murmured.

“I just…” he sighed. “I wondered if you were ok with having my baby”

I kissed his chin, “It would be a miracle.” I whispered. “I think about it all the time.”

He smiled at me. “Really?”

He kissed me.


A dream i had. i used to think about having my boo’s baby all the time.

but no fucking way would i have a baby now. i would be a terrible mother, and frankly with all the meds in my system it would be one messed up child. ugh what kind of person would i be bringing a child into this world like that?


what woke me up from my wonderful dream was the quiet rocking of bed springs, the little breathless moans.
I tried not to giggle, because they were trying so hard to be quiet.
I forgot I hadn’t turned down the volume of my phone, and suddenly it went off.
I was too late silencing it.
“Oh great now they know I’m awake!” I muttered.
Sure enough,I hear jordan ‘s bed really slamming into the wall.
I shook my head, a bit pissed off that i was awakened before my alarm! now I only have 2 hours of sleep before I have to go to work!
Wait, its Sunday!!!
Oh happy day! Time to go back to sleep!
I wonder if their guest is trying to go back to sleep, after wanking to them in the living room.
I’ve been torturing all three the last couple of days!!!
(Laughing evilly)


I love plotlines where the heroine’s antagonist actually turns out to be the one who saves her!

I was in need of saving. There were death threats, unexplained accidents. However this took the cake!
I had been delivered what I thought what was a box of romantic! Flowers delivered to a football game!
When I opened it?
It had been my pet cat, a knife driven through its chest!
“What the hell is this?!” Dane stormed down the bleachers where I was sitting.
“I’m being investigated for death threats?! Against you?!”
I was stunned, by his anger, by his verbal attack, I was so upset by my cats death, I was struggling not to cry. “I had no idea that’s where the investigation was headed.”
He was so angry, “I don’t make threats, I carry them through! You better tell me what the fuck is going on or so help me god,” he seized my arm to haul me up. The box fell, the carcass of my cat spilling onto the ground.
“Let me go!” I cried. I pushed at him.
“What the hell,” he released me. I bent to pick up my cat, but he brushed me aside. he looked up at me. His features softened. He used the tissue to put the cat back in the box. He closed the lid. dusting his hands off on his jeans, he straightened. He took me in his arms. “I’m sorry about your cat,” he whispered.
Any sort of semblance of control I had vanished. I burst into tears.
He stroked my hair. “You writers cant handle this kind of reality,” he murmured, “that’s where you went wrong with this. But don’t worry, I will take care of you. This bastard wanted attention? he just got mine.” The ominous darkness in Danes voice somehow comforted me.

I woke up, feeling happy. Until i realised it was a dream! Then i was feeling disoriented,  and very lonely. Where was my dark hero? When was he coming to my rescue?