just a little medley I woke myself up singing.
While they were in the moment…
Oh awkward.
I was laughing so hard in the shower because every one of those songs reference Jordan’s frustration with his sex life.
Sometimes I’m so evil…
So evil…


I would:

-Kiss a girl

- have Birthday sex.

- have sex on a holiday.

-Have phone sex. i find it boring, but sure why not.

-Use a sex toy.

-Sexual roleplay. I draw the line at having you calling me baby girl and calling you daddy. That is disgusting!

-Join the “Mile-High club”

-Sex on a boat.

-Sex in water.

-Sex in pitch darkness. oh come on, really???

-Sex with the lights on.

-Morning sex.

-Sex while camping in a tent.

-Sex in a hotel.

-Sex in an elevator.

-Sex at a water park.

-Sex while watching porn. uh  again why would we be watching porn, when we would be making out and having sex? No need for it.

-Sex on the beach.

-Sex in a foreign country.

-Sex on a train.

-Having a “quickie” while some clothes are still on.

-Sex in the rain.

-Anal sex.

-Sex while babysitting.

-Sex with no foreplay.

-Sex in the kitchen.

-Sex on the couch.

-Sex in someone else’s bed (not your partners) whew! That would have been gross!!!!

-Sex in the snow. um hell no!

-Sex in a hospital.

-Record yourself having sex. uh no! i am not stupid!

-Have sex with a woman.

-Rough sex.

-Gentle sex.


A ballad version of one my favorite songs. Mary Lambert is pretty talented. You heard her voice on Macklemore And Lewis’s song “Same Love”
She also did a version of “Jesse’s Girl” I just about died when I heard that version!


I really didnt have anything to blog about today. Dont you just hate that? When you get stumped on a topic?

Then I got an idea! Why not do something to do with my favorite characters.

It was harder to do than I realised!  Remembering my favorite characters and villains.

How can anyone expect to choose their favorite characters and villains??!!!


1. Favorite fictional couple? Root and Shaw from Person of Interest! Oh my god!!

2. Favorite fictional character? Elijah Mikaelson!!! Detective Bobby Goren. But right now I am nuts over Detective Laura Diamond!!! I really want a fanfic of Bobby Goren and Laura Diamond to team up for a case. My god, her Type A personalty, and his neurotic obsessive personalty!!! I am screaming right now!!!

3. Favorite fictional TV show? Favorite? I will decline that.

4. Favorite fictional movie? The Grudge! It traumatised me for days!!!

5. Favorite fictional villain? Gretchen Lowell (heartsick- Chelsea Cain!), Nicole Wallace, Weeping Angels,Naraku, Orochimaru

6. Favorite fictional hero? Garth duncan, michael Garland,pierce quincy, Mr. Darcy,Eric Northman, Sasuke, Sesshomaru, Rin (Mnemosyne) Byakuya (he is my anime boyfriend!)

7. Favorite fictional pet? Kit (Charmed)

8. Favorite fictional setting/universe?  Buffyverse, charmed, and Xena!!!

9. Least favorite fictional couple? Elena and Stefan.

10. Least favorite fictional character? Elena Gilbert!!!

11. Least favorite fictional TV show?  Anything with zombies!

12. Least favorite fictional movie? Paranormal activity!

13. Least favorite fictional villain? Silas (The Vampire Diaries) Alte (Xena)

14. Least favorite fictional hero? Bonnie (the Vampire Diaries)

15. Least favorite fictional pet?

16. Least favorite fictional setting/universe? Grey’s Anatomy



“Because I can be loud
And you cant…”
I woke up singing this song
And while I was inspiring Jordan for the day
With my little breathless sighs and moans
Making sure he heard how wet I was, how my pussy felt so silky and smooth
I was so turned by the fact he was listening, I came so hard!
“Oh no,” I lamented,”I will have to change my sheets, because I squirted all over the place.”
I had my shower, and started getting ready for work, when I heard him and GF fucking. Quietly.
I started laughing.
“It must suck for you, fucking quietly!” I sang out.
There was silence, then they started making a lot of noise.
Oh yeah.
Inspiration? Or a bitch. Either way, he loves it!