It was like they were sitting upstairs with  their breath held, waiting for me to do something!
I had been quiet all night!
Then the moment I started getting ready for bed, humming a few songs, they pounced!!!
A spider on a fly!
First they stomped on the floor.
Excuse me, my voice was a mere whisper!
Then Jordan and GF emerged from their spider web, making sure I knew they were there.
It was like they were waiting for me to go to bed.
Just like they waited until I got home had my shower and then fucked like monkeys. But I am sure I’m imagining it.
I’m a considerate neighbor.
However, I like to piss my neighbors off by interrupting their sexy time, every once in awhile.


“i have a surprise for you darling,” Jared purred into Rachel’s mouth, he stroked her hair, pushing the dark curls behind her ear. “A surprise you will like”

Rachel pouted, her fingers curled into Jared’s shirt. “You know I hate surprises” she replied.

“This one you have been longing for awhile,” he chuckled. he took her by the hand, and led her into their bedroom.

Rachel’s heart pounded.

Jared kissed her one more time, nibbling at her lips. “Your present is on the bed.”

Rachel’s ears perked up at the word present. She turned her head, and inhaled sharply.


Jared’s wife was lying on the bed, her long blond hair fanned on the pillow beneath her head. Arms raised above her head, her wrists were bound to the headboard. She was naked, her slender body was being offered up like it was Ambrosia.

“Jared? What is going on?” Rachel asked.

Jared’s lips curled into a smile. “I do believe that is up to Erin to explain”

Erin’s eyes met Rachel’s. Their was a spark of arousal and something else. Something she readily didnt recognise. “You are fucking my man,” the words came out in a husky whisper. “did you really think I wouldnt find out?”

Rachel should have felt ashamed, but seeing Erin so vulnerable so awkward awakened something primitive within her. “I wasnt aware if I should care if you did.” she shot back her chin lifting in defiance.

“Jared is mine,” Erin’s eyes flashed. “I dont share what is mine!”

“yet here we are.”Rachel smiled. Licking her lips, she walked around the bed. “You are bound to my bed,”  her gaze flickered to Jared.

He leaned lazily against the doorframe. Watching the two women, his arms folded across his chest. He made no move to join the two women.

“You werent supposed to be here!” Erin cried. “This was supposed to be for him” she shifted her legs, as if to protest. In doing so her pussy was exposed.

Rachel’s smile grew wider, “But Jared and I share everything.” she let her fingers tip toe  over Erin’s belly. Towards her breasts. “You are so beautiful.” Rachel sighed. “I am honestly at a loss as to why Jared fails to see this.”

Jared chuckled. He moved until his chest was pressed against her back. He rested his chin upon her head. “Yes, she is beautiful” he admitted. “but she has the personalty of nagging bitch!”

He brushed Rachel’s hair from her ear and nibbled there. “I am here, baby” he whispered. “but I am not in control here, you are. Show her that part of you and she is yours.”

He didnt say ours, Rachel realised, her heart pounded, the idea of having Jared’s wife submit to her sent chills down her body.She felt a surge of moisture between her legs.

Rachel caressed Erin’s breasts, taking satisfaction watching her nipples harden.

Erin gazed helplessly at them in confusion and arousal giving her skin a nice pink hue. “look how she responds to me.” Rachel murmured.

“Yes she is a very sensual creature.”

Rachel stroked Erin’s cheek. “You have such a sexy mouth,” she thumbed her lower lip, and watched as Erin’s tongue peeked out to lick at her.

“‘Show me” Rachel whispered. “Show me how you suck your husband’s cock.”

Erin’s eyes shot to Jared.

Jared groaned. “Are you sure, baby?” he asked,”This is for you. She is for you.”

Rachel nodded. “yes.”

jared’s fingers rested on his fly. Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans, and yanked on the zipper. Erin licked her lips. Jared reached inside his jeans to pull out his cock. He gripped the base of it, aiming the broad head of his cock, towards his wife’s face he used his other hand to curl around her neck.

The first tentative swipe of her tongue across the sensitive skin of his cock, made Jared groan. His wife was a terrific cock sucker, he loved how she would take her time, but with Rachel here, he was kind of hoping she would not show off.

Erin parted her lips, as Jared’s cock slid over her tongue. She took her time, sucking the head, slurping noisely on it as he slid deeper til he hit the back of her throat. She relaxed her jaw, and swallowed with the next thrust.

Jared’s fingers were on the bed on either side of Erin’s head, as he began to really thrust his hips. He kept waiting for Rachel to say something. To tell him to stop before he came.

Rachel’s cool fingers were on his back smoothing over his tense muscles. “hmm she loves your cock, doesnt she?” Rachel asked. Jared groaned. “God, look how much she is taking into her throat!”

Jared didnt want to look, but the wet raspy feel of her tongue, the sucking heat of her mouth. Saliva was dripping onto his balls.

“Rachel, I am going to cum!” he grunted.


** I was inspired by a fantasy I had last night. Didnt help when I got home and Jordan and GF are fucking. I was dying…its a lame story

but I dont know if I am going to do installments. but oh my god…i am so hot and bothered right now…



waking up and remembering something goofy we did…

it made me smile.

but it made me miss you.

funny thing is, I dont know why.

I wasnt important

I wasnt memorable

I wasnt enough

we werent friends

you didnt know who i was

you didnt know how much I cared

you just didnt care

and why i am caring at all?


I don’t know who was more excited to hear that the little Goblin was gone. me or GF!!!
For how long he was gone? I didn’t know.
Having always Him skulk outside my window was getting creepy!
I was doing my happy dance in my bedroom, quietly of course!
I thought GF was going to put a hole in my ceiling! She was jumping up and down so much! Not in your high heels, GF!!!
My eyes grew wide.
I do! I do!!!! It means no more fighting over quiet sex!!!
I sighed  Finally, things were back to normal.
Until a couple of minutes ago when I woke to shower running, and GF wailing like a banishee!!
I laid there in my bed, in total outrage!
Really, steamy shower sex? I had been tormenting Jordan for weeks with steamy masturbatory sex in the shower!!
How dare you steal my thunder!!!


I really had a productive weekend. I finally put my library back together. Finally. Being the operative word!!!

I dont always organize my library, but when I do its by my favorite author, or favorite book!!!!

Feeling accomplished, I stepped back and looked at my books. I felt like Gollum with the Ring. “my precious! my precious!”

I was so happy! I finally was done! My library was complete!

I turned around, and found a pile of books by my feet!!!!!

Oh my god!!! not the pile of my favorite books!!!

then I also remembered the piles of books in my clothes closet!


Was this a nightmare or real life?

A freaking nightmare!!!

Well played, Universe! Well played!

I have to find space for those books!!!