We closed the store twice because of system issues, and did absolutely nothing, except give away free coffee!
the Cult wasnt very smart! they were upset and left before  they could have free coffee and muffins. walk away fools,walk away!



Gather my hair up and away so you can see

watch as my lips slowly spreads over the head of your cock

taking you in my mouth

I want to hear you. Hear the groan rumbling deep from within you

as your eyes never leave mine

Watch as my saliva glistens over your cock, dripping onto your balls.

I take a moment to pay special attention to the sensitive flesh there.

I nip, and lick, ignoring your protest.

Then go back up, to swallow your cock.

Fill my mouth your cum

and watch as I swallow.


I am beginning to feel like one of those old people that complain about everything.

For example:

When its 3:30 or 4:45am in the morning and I am woken up by Jordan having sex!!!

Hell to the fuck no!

There I am, in my nice little piece of heaven, in dreamland, when he deliberately rocks that bed so I could hear him!

I need my sleep! I am not a morning person!

So when I look at the clock and I see what time it is, I have only a hour or half hour left of sleep before I have to get up, I get extremely pissed off!

Well, it was the final straw!

Last night I gave him a taste of his own medicine!

I could hear him scurrying into the room, when I began playing music. I was loud enough to be heard over the music.

Every time I got up, which was often. I would play with myself. I was just loud enough to be heard by him.

Just as he would fall asleep, I would be at it again!

I was a little tired, but damn it! All I could think of while in the shower, why should I care what time in the morning it was?!

I wanted more sleep, made me realise which direction I was heading.

Preferring sleep over sex.



Oh well, its winter time. I need to hibernate anyway. More energy for the rest of the day!!!


Not having a sense of humour isn’t probable cause

“The name is mike Beers! Air Marshall. Thanks for blowing my cover” -Trent Dawson NCIS.

No thank you for making it obvious. Abrupt, rude behavior. Avoids making eye contact. Fidgeting, playing with the ankle holster, yeah no one would notice him acting suspicious.


Lady Gaga – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Baby It’s Cold Outside

If you didnt know, I am not much for Christmas.
However, BABY, ITS COLD OUTSIDE has to be one of my favorite Christmas songs!
Its so romantic!
It makes me want to curl up and snuggle with someone in front of fireplace, with blankets, hot chocolate.

I love Lady Gaga’s dress. Its so elegant and sophisticated.
And well Joseph Gordon Levitt?
He is so dreamy!
Nothing like a well dressed man to make me wish I wasnt alone right now!


Why do they ruin the song by putting Pitbull in it?

When is the last time he has actually done one song on his own?


A decade ago?

my opinion after listening to FIRE BALL by John Ryan ft Pitbull



This made my day!
Its a parody of Doctor Who, written by Steven Moffatt (who actually does write Doctor Who)
Starring Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) as Doctor Who.
Jonathan Pryce as the Master.
Hugh E. Grant as Doctor Who regenerated.
Hugh Grant as Doctor Who regenerated.

Rowan is such a great comedic actor, and the fact that Jonathan Pryce was playing the Master was great! He is such a genius at playing the villain. Every time the Master fell “500 miles into the most disgusting sewers of the universe” I was laughing so hard I snorted!
Rowan Atkinson as Doctor Who will make anyone laugh, especially if they are having a bad day!
Cheers, enjoy!