I wasn’t sure if my suspicions were the workings of my paranoia, but all was confirmed when he came in this more.
And he saw me.
And avoided me.
But why?
Wasn’t I nice? I wasn’t overly flirtatious.
Then horror filled me.
Oh my god, he read my blog!


Out of the all the social networks he finds my blog..



I wouldn’t have heard the music being played by Jordan’s girlfriend, if it hadn’t been the angry words of my dream self.
“So that’s why! They wanted to…”
And because I was curious as to who “I” was talking about, I had to wake up.
And I didn’t hear it at first.
Then she started to yell at him to leave “it” alone!!!
Jordan and his girlfriend were arguing over the volume of her music.
He kept trying to turn it down.
So she turned it up louder!
And louder!
Does she not realize the bathroom is like an opera House. It carries and amplifies every sound!!!
There I am, listening to MAROON 5!
I turned up my music, she turned hers up louder.
Oh my god!! No, that means turn it down!
So I banged on the wall. She ignored me.
I pounded my fist. Harder.
“Oh my god!” She shouted. “Really?!” She turned off her music.
Don’t really me, you stupid bitch! Had you had your music at a normal volume I wouldn’t have had heard you! But you pissed me off by turning it up every time Jordan asked you to turn it down.
Its past 11. Noise bylaw!
I really hate stupid inconsiderate people.
Omg she has been in the shower for 35 min!! Have a bath!!



You’re the one my heart knows…

Its like an addiction

and I dont want to kick it

the high I get

from seeing your face

looking into your eyes

its the one hit

that either can kill me

or make me feel like I am flying!!!


“You are pretty clueless,” he declared, ignoring her indignant protest. “You are so blind you dont know what you have in front of you!” He threw his hands up in the air in disgust. “You are smart you are funny, witty.” he went on.


Her lips kicked up at the corner. “You is kind. You is patient. You is important”

His eyes narrowed. “Are you quoting movie lines, right now?” he was incredulous.

“Are you listing my redeeming qualities right now?” she shot back.

“Oh Look at me,” he took a step towards her, “where is my rocking chair! Where are my cats? I am going to be the cat lady!”

She cleared her throat, and held up her hand to silence him. “Was that supposed to be me?” she asked, trying to bite back her laughter. “Were you mocking me?”

“You think its funny?” he was angry now. “I am trying to get you to see, that this pity party that you have going on, its not working! You are trying to attract a man! Not scare them away!”

She smoothed her hair from her face, and straightened her shoulders. Her eyes narrowed, all amusement gone. “Attract a man?” there was a hard edge in her voice. “Who appointed you my match maker? I am quite happy thank you very much!”

He made a sound of derision. “Bullshit!” he took another step towards her. He was crowding her, making her aware of him. the heat of his body. Forcing her to acknowledge the way her body responded to him. Her skin getting hot, her nipples tightening. the way she suddenly felt lightheaded at the scent of his cologne and soap scented skin. Every crazy sensation  centred between her thighs in a wet sticky hot tension begging to be released.

“You are the most exasperating woman I have ever had the unfortunate business of knowing.” he told her.

“Gee thanks.” she muttered. “But again, I dont need anyone to point out the fact I am single and failing at my love life.”

He patted  her the on shoulder. “Thats why I am here.” he cheered goodnaturedly.

“You didnt ask me what I wanted tho,” she whispered.

His hand stilled on her shoulder, the heat of his fingers searing her through her shirt. He thumbed her skin. He had been watching her intently, his blue eyes had grown dark. She shivered under his gaze,

“I am almost afraid to ask.” he replied hoarsely.


“This could only end in trouble.” he warned her. She had to touch him then. She flattened her hands on his chest, feeling the vibrations of his heartbeat beneath her palms.

“Thats my middle name.” she answered.

“I can believe it.” he lowered his head. “Just tell me, you werent waiting for me.”

“I would. But I am not a liar.”

He kissed her. A low rumble of desire emanating from him, came out a moan when he discovered her kiss.

“I suppose this ends your career at being my match maker.” she chuckled.

“My heart wasnt in it anyway.”

“Good. Now shut up and kiss me!”

“As you wish!”


This morning I walked with Brandon to work.

I asked him if he was going home for Christmas.

He said no, but his father was coming up for the Holidays.


The best part of Christmas for me when I was younger was when I would go to both set of Grandparents.

Christmas Day was spent at one grandparents. Boxing Day spent at the other!

My Grandma R loved Turtles (the chocolates) and we used to get into trouble if we ate any of those!

I love Mennonite Dishes! Unfortunately, my mother doesnt make them as much as she used to. Getting too Englisch I guess. These were my favorite dishes when we had Christmas:

cream and cucumbers.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: fresh cream and cucumbers

Plumi Moos

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Plumi Moos

cherry Moos

zuma borscht

Summer Borscht from Mennonite Girls Can Cook.


warenki and farmer sausage (perogies with gravy and farmer sausage)

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: My Wareneki (Perogies) Gluten-free

  • babbat
  • cream puffs, pies the desserts!!!

And when we had Faspa (a Sunday afternoon/evening meal) we would have:

  • fried bologna or pork (my fave)
  • cheddar
  • homemade jams/ bread. Omg my grandmas’ made the best pear jam and saskatoon jam!!
  • moos (fruit soup)
  • Warenki and Schmaunt fat with farmer sausage!!! (I really get upset when Curtis (my buddy from High Valley) brags he is eating it!)


Both my Grandmas’ made the best jams and bread! And the chicken! Especially Babbat. Its a raisin cake you serve with the chicken (my grandma L didnt make that much)

I didnt know what was worse, sitting at the children’s table or having the adults eat first and then we got to eat last!!!

My grandma R would make caramel corn or pink popcorn, so we could munch on it!

We had so much fun in the country.

The guys would skate at the ice rink at the local school.

The girls would just sit and talk.

I really dont remember much at Grandma R’s but the Turtles! :)

If we were lucky we got a goody bag full of candy, Kracker Jacks and oranges!!!

Its a shame that most of the great grandchildren never got to enjoy Christmas at my Grandmas.


I am not much into Christmas.

Especially this year.

The only thing I will like about it, there will be no fighting. No drama!

The sad part is K will not spend it with my parents.

I am having it at my house.

My sister will be the one cooking.

she wanted to cook fish!

Hell no!

No fish in my house!!!

Just good old fashion noodles, Schmaunt fat and chicken!!!