When I was listing some of my favorite male fictional characters some fell short like..

JOHN PRITKIN ( Cassie Palmer series)

John Pritkin

I loved this guy. He was mean, honourable, skillful. And damn it how could I forget him? Most be the old age settling in!

John Pritkin is from the Cassandra Palmer series. He was a war mage–a member of the supernatural community’s police force–with a specialization in demon killing. But then his bosses sent him on a new mission–to kill the upstart pretender to the Pythia’s throne, one Cassie Palmer. They didn’t want an unknown taking such a powerful position and possibly interfering in their affairs. And they didn’t think a demon-hunting assassin would have a problem with a spot of political murder.

Now Pritkin is a former war mage and the Pythia’s new bodyguard. So far, the move has brought him no pay, long hours, constant stress and has almost gotten him killed at least a dozen times. 

I havent read a Cassie Palmer book since Hunt the Moon. When Pritkin’s last death nearly killed me.

I was lying in bed, sobbing for hours!!!


You’re so hot, teasing me
So you’re blue but I can’t take a chance on a guy like you
That’s something I couldn’t do
There’s that look in your eyes
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but boy you’re only a child

Well I can dance with you honey
If you think it’s funny
Does your girl know that you’re out?
And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your girl know that you’re out?

Revamping my favorite ABBA song while I was in the shower this afternoon.



I really admire anyone who volunteers their time to help out with mentally challenged.

I really admire parents with children who are mentally challenged. They have so much strength, love, and patience. (oh my god I am getting so teary eyed right now, writing this down) it makes me realised I know I am not ready to be  a parent, ever.

This afternoon, two families with challenged children came in – different times.

The first one was a grandmother with her grand daughter. The girl was having a fit because she wanted a toy with her meal. She wanted to show her Grandmother which one she wanted, and could she please come and see it.

Her grandmother was busy ordering.

That wasnt the problem.

The problem was the two women (parents) who were sitting at the table right by the toy display. They were laughing, pointing at the little girl, mocking her voice and making fun of her.

I was so outraged. They were  Mothers! have some compassion!!!

When the girl went into the playroom with her grandmother, I said very loudly. “Its kind of ridiculous that full grown ass women who can barely parent their own children are making fun of little child. Very mature!”

They both looked at me. The blond (who is a whole lot of whackadoodles) glared at me. I smiled.

Then pointed to the play room, where their children were climbing the treehouse. “Oh my god!” her friend exclaimed.

The other family came in, and the mother finished ordering for her husband and her daughter, when she asked her son what he would like.

“I dont know what its called.” he replied.

She asked him to look at the menu.

“I dont know what its called.” he snapped.

I could feel my impatience nipping at me. The one thing I dont like is when a parent gives a child an option, but the child wont take it. Dont ask the child. Order for the child, and if he doesnt like it, tough shit! Eat it or starve.

“Do you want a big mac, a quarter pounder?”

“I dont remember what its called.” he told her.

I gestured to the menu, and told him which burger it was.

“Its not on the menu board!”

The mother was getting upset. “Well, I have to feed your sister. Go get your father! He can order for you!”

The father orders for him, and it was poutine. Really? It was on the menu board.

What softened my attitude towards the kid was how he treated his sister. So gentle.

When I was off work, I was so happy to see my niece.

However when she started to throw her temper tantrum, crying and shouting at me and my sister. I almost wanted to burst into tears. Why does she hate me so much? cause that was what it felt like.

I got so tired, of having people being so angry at me, so negative. Especially Kaileigh. I felt so defeated.

“Kaileigh, I deal with grouchy grumpy people! I dont want to deal with your attitude today! This stops now!” I was so serious that she  fell silent.

She settled down moments later. “I love you Kaileigh. You are my dear heart.” I said to her.

She smiled at me.

“I need a hug, Kaileigh.” I told her. “To make me feel better.”

I went to hug her, and the imp pulls her scary face. I laughed so hard. “Did I scary you, auntie?”

I nodded.

I hugged her tight.

Her hug made me feel better.

Parents really have the patience of Job.


This morning was turning out great despite how busy we were!!!

I was so happy to see most of my favorite people!

Every one of them were laughing at me.

Being busy, and having to deal with so many customers!!!

I was still in a remarkably good mood when it started to go straight hell.

A customer’s order was finished. I smiled at her, gesturing to her food. “Your order, miss?”

She looked at me, “Yeah? I already ordered!” she stood there looking at me. Her husband looked at me then her.

“No, honey. The order is finished.” he told her.

“Miss, your order?” I started to push the tray towards her, I smiled. What was she not getting? I was telling her the order was finished! so come and get it.

“I told you, I already ordered!”

“Will you go get the order!” her husband pushed her towards me, “She told you its done!”

“Dont push me!” she snapped. So she was walking to come and get it, and she stops when I give her the tray, and tried to walk back to her family.

Oh for fuck sakes! “Miss, your order is finished” I snapped.

The customer I was serving laughed so hard at my expression.

The next order was going well, until I passed the order to over him. “Here you are, sir. Have a Nice day!” I said brightly.

He looked at me. “Is this mine?” he asked.

I smiled. “Yes, Have a nice day, sir.” I replied.

“So this is mine?”

I didnt even bother answering,turned back to my customer I was serving. I dont have time for that. It was busy.

I was quite clear the first two times he asked. I had pushed the order right in front of him. I was polite.

Do I have an expression on my face that says “Hey! Go ahead! ask stupid questions?”  or do I really appear that dimwitted, even when I speak clearly and loudly that its ok to waste my time with stupidity?




“Maybe you should become a manager so you can tell people what to do!”
“Maybe I should!”
“Well, you aren’t authorized!”
No?! Then don’t get mad at me when I’m trying to do my job and some clown is doing a half ass job filling out my customers order!
That is it! from now i no longer care about my Job performance.


Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight…
~Hazelmarie “Mattie” Elliott, A Breath of Heaven


When the stone that is my heart cracks, and the last thoughts before I go to bed are:

  1. I am amazed how doctors can do their jobs without breaking down. They heal, they see loss.
  2. I am amazed by the acts of generosity between people. Between complete strangers, and I realise how selfish I really am.
  3. I am amazed how brave the Armed Forces/ police men going out to face danger, knowing they may never come back.
  4. I am amazed how a mother can give birth! (still dont want children!!!)
  5. I am amazed a man can provide his family, and somehow he finds time to spend with his family (i really admire that)
  6. I am amazed by the Grace of God, every day by his many blessings. How sometimes a moment can make me really think about how wonderful this life is!