Customer: how did you know my name?
Me: I remembered it?!

I wonder if guys get embarrassed when their “bros” acts like a childish diva throwing a temper tantrum, because he had to wait a few minutes for coffee?
On more than one occasion,the “diva” has been told there are more than 8 people before him waiting for coffee, and they each order more than one coffee. Yet, he thinks he is somehow more important than everybody else.
The diva asked the customer if he was freaked out that I knew his name.
No, he shouldn’t be freaked out. He should be embarrassed that I remembered him because of you!


There was a spill in lobby, and my sister was asked to clean it up.
“You clean it up,” she told me.
I slowly turned to her. “Go ahead and have fun with that” I grinned.
She has never cleaned a lobby mess before. Especially one that required a mop. It was going to be interesting!
“I will play rock, paper, scissors for it!” She challenged.
“Sure, you will just end up doing it,”
Like I called it, I ended up winning 4x!!!
“That’s not fair!” She cried,”you cheated!”
I shrugged, “it’s not my fault” I smirked. I did cheat. I kept playing rock, and my sis never realized that paper beats rock. She kept playing scissors or rock.
“One more game!” She cried
Justin sighed, “you are so mean!”
“You come up against me, you just end up losing” I replied.
Moments later, my sister stormed into the kitchen. She was so angry because every time she tried mopping up the juice, the kid would deliberately pour more onto the floor! The mom would just watch!


I never laughed so hard!


It has been so lovely lately!
Spring like weather, sun shining brightly!
Until this morning!
Could be worse, could be like Buffalo, NY! That is ridiculous!
However, walking to work was a piece of cake until I was almost mowed down at a pedestrian crossing.
Sign + stopped truck w/o signal lights he would have clued in! No, I just stepped out, when this truck sped by.
“You fucking jerk!” I shouted at him, stuck up my middle finger as he passed me.
He stared at me, with the most incredulous offended expression on his face!
Yeah, you wanna go?!
I got on the floor and a woman comes to the counter.
“You have to do something about the front entrance!” She said, “it’s slippery out”
I stared at her in bemusement. And you just walked from the car to the front door, how was that slippery?! There was gravel on the driveway. The side walk clear of ice.
Try walking 4 blocks on roads that haven’t been ploughed or sanded. The side walks aren’t ploughed. Yeah, I feel your pain.
Then this guy walked up to order a few minutes later to order. “It’s slippery outside that door.”
I look down at his feet. The genius is wearing boat shoes!


No shit Sherlock, it would be slippery out!
How do people keep forgetting how to adapt to winter conditions?!
We live in the North!
Snow melts when warm!
Ice forms!


I figure people waste too much time getting people to like them.
I don’t care if I’m liked. I don’t worry if people accept me.
That is their problem not mine.
I don’t need their validation, and neither should you.
Its a beautiful world out there, with beautiful people, we just need to appreciate!


“We could always have Rebecca DJ the Christmas party,” my sister sneered sarcastically. “Her playlist would include Sailor Moon and the Power Rangers theme songs!”
At my name I perked up, “why are you dissing me?” I asked
Brigid started to laugh.
“I said you could be the DJ because of your music. Sailor moon and power Rangers!” My sister replied.
I laughed. 😩
Oh she thought she was funny!
“I would be an epic DJ!” I exclaimed,”my playlist is awesome!”
My music preference is pretty eclectic. I love music!

The DJ our boss hired last year was so out dated, he didn’t even know what YOUTUBE was!!!
The DJ they hired this year, has the tendency to play techno and house music, the same song over and over!!!
He used to date my friend. The first time he met me, he gave me a burned CD of all my fave music.
His events haven’t done so well.
Ah so sad. 😒
If someone was going to base their career on DJ-ing, it would make sense to know about the songs they play, the artists, the genre, and have a diversity.
Or they would sink fast!!!

All of sudden Brigid piped up”what song do you play to annoy Jordan”
I grinned and broke into song, “every now and then I fall apart I need you more than ever,”
And the girls in Second Booth joined me as we sang TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART
The look on Brigid’s face was priceless!