I figure people waste too much time getting people to like them.
I don’t care if I’m liked. I don’t worry if people accept me.
That is their problem not mine.
I don’t need their validation, and neither should you.
Its a beautiful world out there, with beautiful people, we just need to appreciate!


That horrible sensation of the chill settling in your bones, the hair standing up on the back of your neck, and the racing of your heart in your chest.
I wasn’t afraid, as I laid there in my bed last night.
My ears humming as if someone had been talking about me.
No, that wasn’t fear creeping down my body. Just awareness that something wasn’t right and I couldn’t put my finger on it.
Ugh. Whatever it was, kept me from sleeping!


Yes. No need to rush thru life. Too many beautiful moments and loved ones to enjoy. ♡


I havent figured out what makes my soul happy.

I dont even know what makes me happy.

Does anybody know what makes them happy?

What makes you happy?





I was meditating last night, and I had a weird dream.
I was traveling, and in this town, people were possessed. Sometimes their demons were OK, the other demons were horrible homicidal menaces.
I was called upon to cleanse and purify these retched souls.
I began my ritual, by saying a prayer and then blessing each one. I then began with the names of each Angel.
“With the power of God and his Arch Angel Michael I command you!”
The face began to contort, I could see the demon climbing out.
The priest puts his hand on mine. “We don’t do exorcisms here. We are blessing the demon, and if you could please bless each building in the town as you do so.”
My mouth dropped. “I don’t bless ” buildings ” in a purification ritual to cast out a demon!” I was outraged. “No wonder your town is still in possession! You’re doing it all wrong!
The priest became angry. His face began to shift into demon like features.
I rolled my eyes.
” give me break!” I sighed. “No one tells me how to do my job!”
And killed the demon.


That awkward moment when you are in coming out of a dream, and you are shouting “you stupid bitch! I am going to  gut you with my knife!”
Just as your neighbors are having hot sex!
There is silence,  they go back to having sex, and within seconds  you are masturbating to one hell of an orgasm. and start reaching for the vibrator between your legs, and you realize it hadn’t been there!
You had dreamed the orgasm the whole time!


No problem! Like sherlock, I deduced the amount of talking in my sleep, and lucid dreaming was related to stress. And therefore began to record myself at night.
I race to see if it was indeed a dream!
It had stopped recording 30 mins before!


Well played Inception! Well played, indeed!


Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight…
~Hazelmarie “Mattie” Elliott, A Breath of Heaven


When the stone that is my heart cracks, and the last thoughts before I go to bed are:

  1. I am amazed how doctors can do their jobs without breaking down. They heal, they see loss.
  2. I am amazed by the acts of generosity between people. Between complete strangers, and I realise how selfish I really am.
  3. I am amazed how brave the Armed Forces/ police men going out to face danger, knowing they may never come back.
  4. I am amazed how a mother can give birth! (still dont want children!!!)
  5. I am amazed a man can provide his family, and somehow he finds time to spend with his family (i really admire that)
  6. I am amazed by the Grace of God, every day by his many blessings. How sometimes a moment can make me really think about how wonderful this life is!