I know I have a problem when:

Wake up – touch myself

Jump in shower – touch myself

See an attractive man/woman – distract myself thinking about them fucking me

go home- try to distract myself by blogging ♥

have a bath- touch myself

get ready for bed.try to get some sleep- fantasize about a man or woman fucking me. cum til I get sleepy.

I realized I would be a horrible lover. I would always fall asleep right after sex. Then be up at all hours.


her face was between my legs, her tongue going for my clit. Eyes on mine, she sucked hard and slow. her tongue felt hot and wet over my sensitive clit. One moment she dragged her tongue over it, the next avoiding it completely, slithering over my slit to lash at my hole.

My heart was racing. She said she hadnt done this before, my god she was eating me out like I was her last meal!

I felt vulnerable being spread open and exposed like that. My skin was warm from the sensations she was creating, and the thought any second someone could see made me wetter. The cool air did little to temper the fire that coiled up from between my legs, up my belly, across my breasts. It made it hard to breathe.

“Do you want more?” she asked.

Fingers clenching the arm rest, I nod.

“then be a good girl, and dont cum until I say so!”

Placing her  hands underneath my knees, she forced my legs and apart and up, pushing my knees to my chest and spreading me open. My legs dangled over the arm rest.

I let out a low moan, and was rewarded with a slap on my thigh.

She sucked hard on my  clit, flicking her  tongue across it light as butterfly wings, fast as a hummingbird. She pushed  the hood , revealing my clit. Her head shook from side to side as she rubbed her mouth over it. I  try to contain my  scream, clapping hands over my mouth.

My  body jerked uncontrollably, as I ground myself against her face.  My muscles were taut, my thighs squeezing her head.

She clamped her hands on my hips to keep me in place.

she  then slid one finger deep inside me. Then another, her fingers curled, hooking inside me . Her fingers moved in a come hither stroking movement.   her fingers and the hot rasp of her tongue over my clit continued their assault even as my climax shredded through every cell and I was sobbing into my hands.

My cum splattered over the seat, and when she finally rose her mouth and chin was glistening with my cum.

She smiled. “You disobeyed me,” she sighed. “You came before I said you could”

My heart stopped. Punished?

My heart sped up again.

I started to straighten in my seat, but she slapped at my thigh. “No you will sit like that!”

“but someone will see!” I protested half heartedly. I glanced around anxiously. We were lucky no one had noticed us thus far. The movie theatre hadnt filled up yet. They were still in the opening credits.

“That is not my concern.” she admonished. “Now be a dear, and pass me the pop.” she seated herself beside me. “We will finish the movie”

-hmm eating a girl out during a movie.. yes please!


i  remember the thoughts of you

as though it was yesterday

when we first met

you cross my mind at half past midnight

your smile gets hazy with the fog of time

I remember the bits and pieces of conversation

we used to have and the way I would feel

my heart would skip a beat -dainty little melody of a long

forgotten song.

I remember whenever our eyes met or

the heat of your touch upon my skin

I will remember those  moments as though

they were emerging from the shadowy depths of my memory

i pray you will linger there.

Never seeing the light of day

  • whenever i am reminded of him, i feel ridiculous for missing him so much.


One of my favorite subjects in school was biology. Although I usually slept through it because Mr. P would talk in a monotone voice!

I was being nerdy and decided to some light reading.

This is what I was reading today because I was bored:

If a set of identical women twins married a set identical men twins had children. Their children would be genetically full siblings not cousins!

Also if they were to do a DNA test, they wouldnt be able to tell who their biological mother is because their mothers’  DNA is exactly the same.

Could you imagine?

However twins married, their children of that marriage would only be half siblings.

Chad was a twin.

I love Chimeras.

One person with 2 genetic makeups!

i dont think I ever bugged Chad about being Chimera though.

What if his twin died while utero  and he absorbed him, becoming a Chimera. (horrible thought about the twin dying)

I dont think he would like it very much.

Thats old news.

Biology! So amazing!


“Woden’s Hunt, also known as the Wild Ride or Wild Hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky accompanied by black dogs, spectral beasts whose eyes glowed with fire, A Bearer of Death and Guardian of the Supernatural, the black dog is also known by its more common name…  

Hell Hound



Did you ever get that feeling?

if they:

  • gossip about you
  • talk over you
  • make you feel uncomfortable
  • conversation hog
  • talk down to others
  • berate you in front of others
  • lies excessively

and my least favorite: copy your mannerisms, your clothes -becoming like you isnt a compliment, its a warning!

They arent genuine! They dont want to be your friend!

Dont be afraid to say something, a person who exhibits this kind of behavior is dangerous.

Dont be afraid to end your friendship.

You may be alone, but not for long.

You are worth so much to someone! You will be appreciated!


Every time someone asks me what I blog about.

I draw a blank.

How to describe it?

A hot mess? (snickers)

I had one former co-worker hate reading my blog because it wasnt on one Topic

but only on person at the time.


It wasnt true. I wrote about other things.

I write what I want.

But truthfully, I am often afraid that I am breaking some unwritten rule about blogging!

Are we supposed to pick one topic?

I feel like I would be in school then.

Writing the dreaded essay!
1. What am I talking about in this blog!
By answering this question you let the reader know what the subject of the blog is.
2. How am I going to talk about it?
This is where you let the reader know how your blog is organized. Here you very briefly introduce your main points of the topic.
3. What am I going to prove in this blog? am i going to ramble on about nonsense? why yes I am!
This is similar to the dreaded THESIS STATEMENT. Where you state the point of your topic of your blog.

This blog is about who I am, what I do, why I am the way that I am, my thoughts and feeling. A hot mess!

The Body:

basically where you write about your topic. Or in my case ramble on about absolute nothing. Like seinfield. A blog about absolute nothing.

Give supporting evidence

Ta da: supporting evidence!

The conclusion

my blog is about what I like to write about. It may be trivial. It may be passionate. It may be full of angry or happy thoughts.My blog is about my thoughts and feelings.

Indeed a hot mess!

Aren’t they done yet?!

They have been quietly fucking for an hour. Time to speed this up!
I’m sleepy and cranky, and I really don’t feel like hearing them anymore.
They could have had more romantic sex if they stayed camping!
But they woke me up.
The bitch!
She ain’t pretty, she’s mean!