I am beginning to get the feeling that Jordan is trying to mess with me.

This weekend I was such a bitch. I had been teasing Jordan to the point he had to put music on so he couldn’t hear me.
It wasn’t pretty.

Every time he would play his music loud, I would tell him to turn it down. It was just a “huge horrible debacle”. He would then, hear me. Turn it back up. I would tell him turn it down, he would. It was naughty cycle.

This morning, I was woken up early, at 2:30 am by a horrible nightmare. So to get myself to sleep, I played with myself. Then once more before my alarm was supposed to go off. “quietly” of course.

See, I am a horrible bitch!

After a long tedious day at work, it was slow and boring, I finally got home at 5.
i was  walking up the drive and i saw Jordan’s windows were open. “Oh great they are probably having sex” i thought sarcastically. Nobody wants to hear that. “that” being GF howling like a dying dog. I snickered. Jordan probably waited until I got home to have sex anyway, I mused. The way my thoughts were heading, I was getting grumpier by the moment.

I wanted GF gone. I didnt want drama. I wanted peace and quiet.

I was quiet as a mouse when I got inside. I took off my shoes, my uniform, etc. My purpose was to enjoy my supper and relax.

Jordan walked into the bedroom to check to see if indeed I was home.

Just as I sat down on the couch, sure enough I could hear the bed squeak and her moaning. I wasnt even home 5 minutes!!!

Trying to be “quiet” because the windows were open.


Waited until I got home.

Nice try.

But I always win!

Ugh Monday morning!

Ugh it’s going to be one of those days.
It’s a holiday.
My least fave manager is working.
It’s early.
I wish Chad was still working.
Plus side?
Making paper!
Bling bling!
It’s all about the Benjamin’s!


Whispers that ebbs and flows

Fading laughter

 cadence of heartbeats thundering

Tiny reminders of lingering caresses on the skin

sweating bodies pounding ceases

Sighs dying

Acoustics of sex that echoes 

why did I think it would be brilliant?!

update my blog but I had to start all over…

started from the bottom now we’re here…

yeah I just did that!

Yeah I just drop some Drake!

That’s how I roll!


“Prayer really does work. It’s a spiritual phenomenon created by an unlimited, powerful God. And it yields amazing results.”
― Alex Kendrick, The Love Dare

I pray when I wake up.

I pray when I shower.

I pray when I am sad.

I pray when I am happy.

I pray when I see others so sad or in pain.

I pray when I am grateful.

I pray before bed.

I pray if I am afraid.

And the most remarkable moment I had was when I feeling so lost, I was crying out to God asking him why?! And something made me close my eyes, and I saw Jesus. His hands reached out to me. I never felt so much peace. So much joy. I cried out to God thanking him. It was the most astonishing, happy moment in my spiritual life.

Many people question my beliefs.

Even sometimes I do.

I question  my actions, my words affect others, and I am ashamed to say it, I am a horrible person.

Every day I try to be humble, to walk more in the Christian faith. But I look around, and I see how people who claim they are “christian”  act, and say things in the name of  God to rebuke others, and I am happy I dont follow their footsteps.

I dont go to church, I dont preach to others, I dont act pious.

Seems kind of ironic, for all the spouting off  that I do.

My faith never seems to waver.

It is a good day.

A good day to remember how wonderful prayer is, how wonderful God is. What a wonderful presence He is in our lives.


Fave thing to do a Sunday?
Drink tea
Watch a horror movie.
Curl under a blanket.
It’s just a Cami and leggings kind of day! 💕
Oh I’m keeping it real!

murderous impulses first thing in the morning!

I was dreaming about a serial killer, and my pain receptors pulled me out of the dream.

“0w” I muttered.

Without warning music is blasting at me thru the walls, on sub woofers. 

Bewildered and disoriented, I knocked on the wall. All I said was ow! Jordan thought it was ok to pump up the volume?! Hell no!

“Really, I just dreamt about a serial killer, I’m still feeling murderous impulses,” I shouted, “I will kill whoever who does not turn down the fucking music!”

A few moments pass then the music is turned down.

You do not want to make me your enemy!


The curtains are open, enjoying the rush that anyone could walk by and see me play with myself.
It got me so hot, that my cream  was dripping down my thighs.
When i came, i was crying out. Moaning and sighing, i slowly realised that jordan turned his computer game down.
I started to laugh.
And I forgot a towel, but it was OK, my mess wasn’t too much.
And then suddenly Jordan turns up the bass!
Aw hell no!
Everything was shaking!
I knocked on the wall.
He didn’t bother turning that shit down.
Oh now it was on like donkey Kong!
So I grabbed my iPod put it in my dock in my bedroom. Rested it against the wall closest to the living room and Jordan’s bedroom and blasted some sexy tunes.
Jordan hurried to turn his music down!
Stupid man, he should know better. I always win!