Ah sarcasm!

A sharp weapon to cut down blatantly obvious stupid questions.

How I would love to wield you whenever such a question is posed!

For instance:

  1. Is the coffee fresh! No, your coffee is going to be 3 days old. From the garbage!
  2. I would like my fries fresh! I am sorry we only serve our fries frozen. No exceptions.
  3. do you have ice capps? yes we serve them with donuts!
  4. Is there ham on the egg muffin. No thats a slice of tomato!
  5. Is there bacon on the quarter BLT? no the B stands for Back off get your own sandwich!
  6. Do you have sweet tea? Are you in America or Canada?

While I would love to be that deliberately sarcastic, I think the sarcasm would be lost on the customers and they would actually believe me. One customer actually believed me when I said we ran out of coffee.

This afternoon, i was so sugary sweet in First booth, despite the huge headache I had.

What amazed me was not one customer complained about the price hike.Yet they would make a total stink about free coffee. I dont get that logic!

“What do you mean its free! I asked for 1 coffee! What is the price!” They would get so angry!

“Why do you care?” I shot back. “Its free!”

“but I have my money ready!”

“so save it for next week!”

I was quite happy about their reaction! Tho I was kind of miffed I had to relearn all the prices!!!

I had fun on orders tho.

I was tempted to take them like William Shatner. Tho I doubt that would go over well.

  • “Damn it, Jim I am an order taker not a God!”
  • Hello this is your captain speaking!
  • Spock this life form is not responding!

Or Forrest Gump:

  • mama always said I had to smile thru my orders I didnt know why she said it. But I smiled.
  • We have  bubba latte. Bubba cappuchino, Bubba Frappe, bubba ice coffee

but what made my day is when the new girl S said front counter was boring without me! awe!


Wow did people wake up in bitch city today!
Customer: I want extra cheese on my burritos!
Me: I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.
Customer: and why not!
Me: they are premade. Was that everything today!
Customer: no!

So the next customer had a fit over how I punched in his order.
Customer: I want a pancake.
I punched in pancakes.
Customer: I said a pancake!
Me: OK so a single pancake.
Customer: yeah a pancake!
I punched in a sausage to make up for the price!
Customer: it says a sausage! I want a pancake!
Me: that’s the charge for the single pancake, right!
Customer: oh.

How can people be so bitchy if people are so fucking nice!!


I was having another one of those life saving dreams. Was I going to be the hero or the villain, I was about to find out when GF’s screams broke into my dream, pulling me out of my sleep.

I was not too happy!

What do I expect after inspiring them to fuck all morning?! In the shower and the living room? They never even went outside all day, too tired I guess!

I was a little surprised to hear her being so loud, usually she’s quiet Then I thought someone on the floor above them must be fucking as well. 😂

Yeah right!

The bed really started rock, and unlike yesterday, she wasn’t howling Jordan’s name, she wasn’t screaming out her orgasm, she was moaning softly. 

Which made me wonder, if all that howling and screaming yesterday was a performance! 

So I muffled my voice and shouted “fuck her harder!”

It did not go well, everything stopped.

The bed squeaked for a few moments, then stopped altogether!

Which made me grumpier!

What’s the matter, clowns?! I thought you liked having the world hearing you?! You woke me up for this?!

Fuck you!

And why am I even analyzing this?! Who cares! 

Time to go to bed.


All I have on my mind right now, is Eva Green as Bobby Goren.

The Goren Train is back!

In the interrogation room.

with The Goren Lean.

and the Goren Intensity:

In my head, all I could hear her raspy voice.

in the dialogue with Nicole Wallace in Person of Interest.


oh god this is so me!
socially awkward.
Fighting for my life!
I laughed hysterically!

I just realized, why am I always complaining about my awkward moments? they are still wonderful experiences! I have met alot of people in my life time, even more so since leaving high school.
I shouldnt care how awkward I am. if I could make a person laugh or smile, it is all worth it in the end!
It is from the awkward moments, the laughter and smiles that we get to know each other! We are all sharing wonderful memories!
So what if I am awkward, this is who I am!
So deal!
I love to laugh, and be kooky. Enjoy it!


Out of the shadows he came

A man in black

He’s not a hero

he’s not here to save you

full of vengeance

and hate he wont

be satisfied til

the blood of

those who wronged him

soaked his hands

We cant have heroes. Oh no sir.

Frank Grillo is a man in black.

He is one hot son of a bitch raining blood and guts in this mother fucking hell hole! He wanted vengeance in the end he saved more lives than he wanted to. Even the one he wanted to take.


Dont mind me I get kind of excited when blood is spilled!


I don’t know, being called adorable would be really sweet.

Having a sense of style.

Being financially stable to do what I want, when I want, how I want!

Guys wanting to date me, and no I’m not fucking choosy!

having people masturbate to me would be great.

– my thoughts on how life would be as a cool kid


The come dripped my thighs pooling on my sheets, I laid there. Quivering from the orgasm that left me breathless and weak.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play with Jordan anymore. It was getting predicable and boring!

Sure enough, I could hear the bed. Quietly.yawn!

 He and GF have been very quiet except yesterday 😓 (ladies and gentlemen, I give you the old couple on the second floor!)

It was as if Jordan had been reading my thoughts. Suddenly, GF made a sound. 

Oh boy.

Then she started with the “yes! Yes!” 

Was he whispering things in her ear, or just teasing her with the tempo of his fucking. 

I tried to sleep, but every time she got louder, he would slow down. She would whimper in protest. 

I realized he was listening for me, sorry bud! No chance!

I was stroking my clit, listening to him fuck her. She was really coming undone.screaming as she came again and again. He kept slowing and picking up the pace. She was really how his cock kept pounding her.Then he and her came together, he groaned loudly.

I was close to coming. 

I waited until the bed stopped moving. 

Letting my moans and sighs fill the air. I came, screaming “fuck me! Yes right there! Oh my god! Fuck me”

I laid, feeling silly.

Yet not even a minute passed before Jordan started to fuck!

It turned him on so much, he had to fuck GF again!

I wonder what GF thought about it?!

She must have loved it! She came so many times! She must really love me! I am the inspiration of her many squirt-fantastic orgasms!

Now I wonder what they think I will do now?!

Should I come again?!