Trying to be quiet as my fingers slide in and out of my tight wet hole.
Thinking of all the things I want to do to him makes me hot
The fire inside me needs to be
I’m so close to cumming
When I hear GF begin to scream her orgasm
It took me by surprise
Triggering my orgasm.
My body is shaking from the force of it.
GF was loud for a few minutes until they heard me moaning.
Then she tried to be quiet.
Did they ruin my moment or did I  ruin theirs?



I am.
Two powerful words that can transform our lives.
Not “I will” that assumes we are going to do it in the future! The future is uncertain. We want it done now!
Not “I have” that assumes we done it already. That doesn’t make sense!
“I am” declares our intent, our purpose in the universe!


Omg I need drugs! Or alcohol!
Since I can’t beat the customers with a big stick!
Good grief!
“I would like a meal!
OK what you like to drink.
” I said a meal!”
Yes! What would you like to drink?!
“I don’t know! Apple juice! But I want a meal! That’s with a hash browns!”
Yes, I know it is a meal!
“Do you have ice coffee?’
What flavor would you like?
” I asked if you had ice coffee?”
And yes obviously, if I’m asking what flavor!
“I wanted a number two!”
Yes I have it.
“But it says sausage egg, oh my god I wanted burrito ”

Never in the history of McDonalds has the burrito ever been the #2!!!
I was so grumpy!
But now I’m better!


The 50 shades trend has gone too far when there has to be consensual warnings on the books.


If i wrote as good as these wonderful authors, I wouldn’t write something that would have such a warning! Writers shouldn’t have to compromise themselves, their beliefs or their fan base just for a trend.
Maybe that’s my snobbery talking there.

But my love for reading isn’t what used to be. I hate walking into a bookstore and finding shelves of mommy porn, instead of my favourite authors.


Eric pulls up to the speaker.
“Uh can I have a egg muffin. No uh that’s a sausage egg muffin!” He orders.
I started to laugh. “Is this Eric?”
He fell silent. “Uh yeah”
I laughed harder. “Did you just wake up?”
“Uh no” he replied.
“Are you sure?”
He starts to laugh “yes”
I told him the total. And I heard him say “how did she know it was me?”
I have magical powers,bro!
Then I started to get testy every time would “hello,me!”
“I know you’re there,  right! But I can’t take your order until the car moves, OK!” I snapped.
Don’t push your luck, pal!

I’m glad you are reading the screen

Are you questioning me? Because I know you are not questioning me!
Customer: did you get the sausage muffins without egg.
Me: yes. 2 sausage muffin meals.
Customer: are you sure?
Me: yes. They are on the screen.
Customer: I don’t see it.
Are you serious?
Me: its the first on the screen.
Customer: well, I don’t see sausage without egg!
Me: if it says sau egg it means the muffin with egg. If it just says sau it means without egg. OK?”
I explained this slowly.
He got grumpy with me.
Well come on, use common sense. If one sandwich  clearly says egg, the other says not, the obvious deduction would be: I did have two sausage without egg.
I’m glad the customer was reading the screen! Yea! Happiness!