I forgot it was Wednesday!
I really wanted to stay in bed, ignore Wednesday altogether!

Until I saw this.
And I laughed so hard!
It made my getting ready for work so much better!!!




Have a wonderful day you all!


Bet if I suck on that pussy, bet that’ll get you wet
An’ rub my hand on that clit, bet that’ll get you wet
And rub my tongue down you neck, bet that’ll get you wet
Bet if I suck on them titties, bet that’ll get you wet

-Pretty Ricky

I was belting that song out today, while I was making the bed.

hmmm I wouldnt mind

Licking you up

getting you off with my tongue

ride my face til you cum

day-um now just before bed!

Oh well at least it wasnt while I was at work…or some other public place….





I wont let the small stuff bother me…

It was an intention I had set for the last two days.

I was in such a wonderful mood that what would usually set me off such as:

  1. long hair not pulled up in a bun or a braid. “but i dont like my hair messy!” that excuse always pissed me off. Like what the fuck! That didnt even make sense!!!
  2. being obtuse when taking orders.
  3. if the order took more than 60 seconds to take.
  4. if a customer was rude.
  5. over – yappy people. Are you a chihuahua?

That shit didnt faze me! I didnt give a damn about anything! I was too busy in my little world, singing my little songs.

Is it twisted of me to laugh when people were angry?

Especially Steve. At least he wasnt mumbling to himself.

  1. we were faster when we had less people
  2. Do people know how to read in this town? Read the screen!
  3. Start double checking the orders! This is ridiculous! Read the screen to confirm your order then drive off!
  4. no! no! baby mac! DLM only! oh my god she is holding up my drive thru! She is holding up my drive thru! I bet I know who it is!
  5. I am the boss! Are you the boss! I am the boss!

There I was:


“Are you having a break down?” I asked.

He shot me a glare. I laughed harder.

Not even when Derp was trying to micro-manage. Nope. Just ignored him.

Whenever someone would tell me to chill, its not that big of deal I would always glare at them and tell not to tell me to calm down. Its not funny having to deal with rude and clueless customers.

Now whenever someone freaks out, I laugh. Its not awesome having to be yelled at and be called stupid is it?

Nothing could bring me out of my wonderful mood!!!!

Not even GF’s loud music and her bathroom fan being on constantly could break me down.

It was a really wonderful day.


You’re so beautiful…
sung by the talented Jussie Smollett.
The Lyon’s Roar edit!
I am kind of obsessed with this song. It is so upbeat! Ive been singing it non-stop. Unfortunately I got weird looks from customers.

I am allergic to what?!

I am allergic to Ivory soap?!
Its made for babies!!!
Are you kidding me?!
I broke out in hives today and I didn’t realize how bad it was until I undressed for my bath!
Oh it hurt!
I double checked the ingredients on the ivory soap.
Citric Acid!
Well that explains my flu like symptoms!
Curse you, frailty! Curse you!


Hmm how rude!
he turns on music so he doesn’t have to listen to me play with myself while he works!
Am I that much of a distraction?!
Music or orgasmic moans?!
In other words, if he has a girlfriend to fuck he doesn’t need to listen to me!!!
Confound it!
My evil plans foiled by pure logic!
Just means I no longer have to have fun tempting him!
Well played, indeed!


“Oh fuck..” GF’s moan was barely heard over mine, as I got lost in the heat of my fantasy.
My fingers slowly stroked over my clit, circling as the pleasure began to build higher and higher.
I could hear Jordan murmuring, his low groan as the bed began to rock with his thrusts.
I smiled my little smile of victory.
They didn’t take too long this time in joining me in my play yesterday morning
But now I’m pouting, I’m lying in bed being a good girl, letting them have time for themselves.
They aren’t doing anything!
Hmm I would love to inspire them but I’m being good!


Taraji P. Henson in Empire as Cookie Lyons!
Omg I love Cookie!
She is all kinds of woman up in here!
She is fierce, driven, opinionated, she wants what she wants and she will get it! She is devoted to her sons, especially Jamal! (hmm Jamal)
I love these kind of female characters.
What really made me squeal in delight?
The creator and executive producer is???
danny strong!
One of the Trio from Buffy the vampire Slayer!!!