so its peaceful and quiet.

I was supposed to be in bed hours ago, thats how predicable I am.

but he keeps walking into the bedroom to see if i am sleeping.

no i am not sleeping.

i am blogging.

what do you want?

hmm maybe its time to mess with his head a little!


Azure and I broke out into Uptown Funk. She danced and well what I did isnt considered dancing by any means. Ugh.
A few customers were just a little amused.
Derp walks over. “You better watch how you enunciate that song.” he warns
We stop singing. “What?” Azure says.
“Enunciating Funk.” he explains.
“ok.” we roll our eyes at each other.
we start singing the song again. Then I stop. “Oh no I mispronounced funk!”
She grinned. “oh no”


I was on orders this morning. I greeted the customer.

“Hi there !” Chad’s voice startled me.

I stopped making my ice coffee. I was so stunned. Did he just sound chipper! Not Chad! Oh my god, hell froze over!



“Hi.” and there it was. The disappointment in his voice.

I was so taken aback by his reaction, I burst out laughing. I didnt hear his order.

“I will have 1 bacon egg a sausage muffin and 2 double doubles.”

“I am sorry what was that?”

“I will have 1 bacon egg a sausage muffin and 2 double doubles”

I was trying to keep my shit together, classic Chad!

That was so priceless. He was so happy until he realised it was me!

I am still laughing about that!

My day on orders went ok until this happened.

“I would like a mcMuffin”

I asked what kind. “A blt bagel”

I clenched my fingers into a fist, took a deep breath. “Ok would you like anything else.”

“The griddle.”

I asked her what kind. The 8 or 9. She picks 9. then asks what other kind of pancakes we have. Oh my god.

“Pancakes. Pancakes and bacon. Pancakes and sausage.”

“No I will have the big breakfast.” she then takes 2 minutes to decide what kind of drink she wanted. By now the drive thru times are thru the roof, and the line up is to the end of the parking lot. When she is finished and she pulls up to the second window I just about had a stroke! She was a regular customer.

“How! How can you ask such stupid questions if you are a regular customer!” I raged.

The girls laughed at me.

“And she is a teacher!”

The next customer snarked at me because “didnt you get the 6 hashbrowns? I said 6 hashbrowns?”

“They are the on screen!” I replied. Do you know how to read?

“I want a frappe.” she went on.

“What kind.”

“The other kind.”


“The other kind!”

“Coffee or vanilla”

“Vanilla obviously!”

Then it got worse because my reaction was this:

  • ask the customer if he knows how to read. then punch him in the throat!
  • ask the customer if he knows the difference between 1 or 2 then tell him to go back to school!
  • if you cant speak up dont bother telling us anything!
  • did I stutter? I said I couldnt hear you over the truck!
  • what the hell is taking you so long!

the girls were telling me to calm down. Until one of them went on orders and she completely lost her shit! “Oh my god! Learn how to order!”

I patted her on the shoulder. “What was that? Were you upset?”

“Yes! I dont like taking orders!”

I was laughing so hard.

Then she stared at me. “Not funny!”

rant of the day!

Pet peeve:

When people, who don’t pay rent, sit on their ass all day, doing nothing but sit on their computers playing games. Yet wait til I’m getting for bed to get off their lazy ass to clean, move furniture or fix stuff in the bedroom! 

How about no! Tell the fwb to pull her weight or get out! That simple!

I stormed into the bedroom, shouted “stop being fucking annoying!” Then I slammed the door shut.

Jordan snickered but he tried to be quieter.

Yeah well fuck off!


He watched her  from under heavy lidded eyes. The sparse light allowed him to see the woman in the doorway. The dark strands of her hair tumbled around her face and shoulders in waves, veiling her features. She was wearing that godawful nightshirt of hers again. He frowned. He was going to have to do something about her wardrobe, he realised. She needed colors that emphasized the paleness of her skin, clothes that hugged the ample roundness of her breasts, the lush curves of her hips and ass. Jesus christ he was tired of her always hiding from him!

He folded his arms beneath his head. “Come here,” he ordered.

She hesitated. “I was just seeing if you needed anything,” she protested.

“Come here,” he repeated. “now.”

She took a moment, then shuffled inside the room. “What do you want?” she asked. Her tone was sharp as if she reprimanding a belligerent child.

he smiled. She watched him warily.

“Closer.” he beckoned.


His eyebrow rose. Did she just say no to him?

“I am tired, I dont want to play your game.”

“Game? there is no game.” he reassured.

“Sure there is.” she planted a hand on her hip. “your sudden interest in me. Its so subtle, you could hit me with an anvil” she sneered. “I have nothing of value. So it cant be money, or sex. You must be bored with those little blonde bimbos you fuck. Whats the matter, the two brain cells couldnt rub together to form a thought?”

He laughed. The sound rumbling from his chest. “Really thought of all the reasons I might not be interested in you?” he narrowed his eyes. “If you ever criticize yourself like that again in my presence, you will not like the consequences!”

His words washed over her leaving her warm and shaken. “I dont care,” she spoke finally, with a defiant lift of her chin. “I know how men like you think about women like me.”

He sat up. Disbelief and rage settled over him in an icy grip.  He couldnt believe she had dared to compare him to the losers she dated! That she had dared to think so low of himself. Or had dared to think she was not worthy of anybody. She was standing before him, her arms crossed over her breasts defiantly, eyes glaring from under errant strands of unruly curls.

He wanted to haul her over his knee and spank the boldness out of her! The idea of filling his hands of her round ass made his cock twitch.

His eyes travelled the length of her. She would handle him just fine, her body cushioning his. With every thrust.

Realising the direction his thoughts were taking him, he began to notice there was something off about the way she was holding herself.

Her arms were still crossed, fingers of one hand kept plucking at her sleeve, while the other hand plucked at her neckline. Her hair kept falling into her face, hiding her features.


That was it.

The realisation dawned on him in disbelief.

She wasnt being defiant. She was hiding from him. Hiding her body from him.

“Come here.” he ordered her to come closer to the bed. She shook her head.

“Please.” he bade her.

She bit her lip. Then moved one foot in front of the other. His hand shot out, and he seized her. He hauled down to the bed beside her.

She cried out. He released her, hands up in placating manner. “I am sorry.” he murmured.

“What are you doing.” she snapped. She glared at him.

“What are you doing?” he shot back. “Hiding from me.”

“Hiding? I am here. How can I be hiding?”

He smoothed a hand over her hair, brushing the strands away from her face. “You asked me why I am interested in you.” he murmured. “you intrigue me.”

She tried to wiggle free.

“Dont.” he warned her. “Believe me. I am  honest with my words.” he framed her face. “I dont see pretty or beautiful when I see you. You are like a diamond. In its rawest form.”

“So I am coal.” she snarked. “Thanks”

“Coal?” he laughed softly. “Diamonds are never formed from coal. They are just different forms of carbon.” he informed her. “You are all jagged, sharp like diamonds before they are cut or smoothed out. So many facets how can anyone know who you truely are? I aim to find out.”

She bit her lip. ‘Why?”

“I want to.” he smoothed his hand down her throat to rest at her collar bone. “I want to discover your secrets. What makes you laugh, what makes you cry what makes you angry.”

“No” she murmured. “You will get bored, and leave.”

He smirked. “I doubt I will. Not with a mouth like yours.” he thumbed her collarbone. He wanted to explore her body. He wanted to make her squirm and sigh. Hear her little moans, he couldnt do that unless he made her  feel completely comfortable with him. Comfortable with her body. Comfortable with him touching her.

“If I kiss you now, will you let me” he whispered. His head lowered. His breath was hot over her mouth. He could see her eyes widen. “Let me taste you. I want your mouth. Give me your mouth.”

His words were an erotic litany, and he saw her teeth release her lip. “Is that a yes.” he asked.

Her hands moved then, snake like fast. In his hair, startling him. She pulled him down to her. Their mouths touched. He could taste her, sweet and minty from the toothpaste she used. He teased her lips with his tongue, and she parted her mouth.

– i took a memory of  M and embellished x100!!! its all fiction!

if only he could look at me like that.


Do you ever have one of those mornings that makes you believe your day is going to turn out so horrible? When the day finally ends, you are completely amazed how blessed that you were that it turned out wonderful?

I woke up to the alarm blaring, Jordan panicking that he was late for work.

“Cool it, we are not late for work!” I cried.

Truth is, i am up an hour early before my alarm is supposed to go off. It is rare that my alarm wakes me up.

I trudge off to have my shower first, and I was long about it. I needed to wake up! Jordan told me to hurry up, and turned on the cold water. Mother chucker!!!

I arrived at work in a good mood, but tired.

“Are we keeping you awake?” Steve asked, catching me yawning.

I smirked. “Actually you are. I was sleeping when I had to come to work.”

He stared at me. I laughed.

A lot of customers were commenting how well organised we were. How fast. “You can send your workers to Canadian Tire!” one guy said to Steve.

“Oh snap!” I laughed.

Steve laughed. “No.” he said, he turned to the kitchen. One of the crew works at Canadian Tire. “Did you hear that, we are supposed to send some crew to Canadian Tire!”

A customer asked what are sizes were for coffee. I showed him the cups. “1 large regular.” he orders.

“Ok so 1 large regular.” I repeated.

“That coffee has 2 cream in it.” he said.

I stared at him. “The coffee regular now has 2 cream?” I asked.


“So to clarify, you asked for a large regular. A regular is 1 cream 1 sugar.” I explained. “So just 2 cream now.”

He blinked. “What? A regular is 1 cream 1 sugar.”

I was becoming annoyed. Did he want me to draw a picture? Did he not know how to order coffee?


“ok yes I want 2 cream”

He recieves his coffee, and then he walks to the condiment island. Puts two splenda in it. Seriously?!

I went on orders and a guy orders an ice coffee.

“No dairy.”

I didnt hear him. “Im sorry what was the ice coffee?”

“A caramel ice coffee. No dairy!”

I facepalmed myself. “A caramel ice coffee no cream!”

“no an ice coffee. Caramel. no dairy.”

“just say no cream. no will else understand what you are talking about.” JFC why make things difficult for yourself, buddy! Are you trying to make yourself  sound sophisticated or something!

Right after that order a woman wanted a Black ice coffee. “Thats no cream no sugar!” she explains slowly.

“Yeah thats what black means thank you.” I snarked.


Thankfully, I got to go on my break. I handed the headset to Ange. “No dairy, ok”

She rolled her eyes. “Why make it difficult for yourself, buddy!” she muttered.

I burst out laughing.

I love those girls! They make me laugh.

I was on orders in the  afternoon, when I hear a familiar voice order.

I wasnt really paying attention, I was making 4 ice coffees. (yum yum)

“I am sorry what was that?” I asked. When I take orders, I am polite but I dont mess around. I want your order, I dont want no dawdling.

There was hesitation. “Two Mcdoubles and Ice Tea.” he spoke quietly.

I started to grin. Chad. Nice try buddy. I will always know its you!  No food for you one year!

He pulled up at the window, he looks at me. I shake my fist at him.

His expression made me laugh. He made such a face. I laughed harder.

“No food for you, Chad!”

I havent seen him in awhile so I hassle him every chance I get!

I decided that Canadians’ are so polite its rude! What I mean, they will have a Canadian Stand off, and hold up a line. Now they think are being polite, but in truth they are being rude to the others in line. Who wants to stand behind two people who cant decide to go first?

Yet I really admire how some people will help strangers. Hold doors, carry trays. Spare change if they dont have enough. My favorite is when they buy food for the homeless. Or pay it forward!

That always makes my day. Seeing that kindness. Especially if they are young people!