It’s Black Friday!

The one day every customer service/retailer dreads!

Where every person on this continent thinks its ok to treat the cashier like a door mat.

These customer service/ retailers have a heart! Feelings!

These people are doing their best to make everyone’s experience better!

Dont be a bitch or an asshole!

Be polite! trust me! The fight that you just had with that person over that $400 handbag is nothing compared to a pissed off cashier!

A cashier can make your day easier or hardier depending on your attitude!

Use your manners, you werent raised on a barnyard, you’re not an animal.

When we ask you a “yes” or “no” question for love of god just answer succinctly! We dont need a whole life story!

Good luck out there to you my dear customer service/retailers!

Good luck to you customers, because if you piss me off today I wont be nice! :)

Have a wonderful day shopping!




This morning I had been taking orders on Second Lane. It was the last day of free coffee. Thank god!

Chad pulled up to the speaker and started to order.

“I will have a large coffee 2 cream 1 sugar.”

I was distracted and didnt hear him.

“I am sorry what was that?”

“Do you want me to talk slower, Rebecca so you can understand me?”

I was bewildered. Usually whenever I take his order he has a snarkiness in his voice, was he actually teasing me?

I am one of those people who can laugh at anything. I was laughing so hard, I could barely stand, let alone speak.

“Dont make me come out there!” I managed.

“One coffee. 2 cream 1 sugar!”

He was actually speaking slower!

“Two baked muffins.” he went on.

“Ok. What kind” I asked.

“Baked muffins.”

“Ok Two baked muffins. What kind of baked muffins?” I repeated myself.

“two pies.”

I could feel my eye twitch. “Do you want two muffins or do you want two pies?”

I could hear the laughter in his voice. “Two pies.”

Oh my god! He was deliberately playing with me!  he was trying to make me lose my cool! Nice try! But unlike the customer who provoked me on Monday, Chad knows how to order.

It was very funny, regardless.








This morning it was Devi, Heidi, and I in Second booth then my sister had to take over for Devi.

Everyone’s face:

The whole atmosphere in drive thru changed. From laughing and joking around to a dark murderous tension.

Heidi was stomping around as if she was Kaeyoko from the Grudge.

Giving short one word answers to anyone who asked her questions. Glaring at my sister, glaring at anyone who so much as bothered her.

I laughed so hard. “Its alright, Heidi now you get to experience what I go through on a daily basis” I patted her shoulder sympathetically.

She glared at me.

When J took over for Heidi, I had asked my sister to stop whatever she was doing and to help her.

It was as if I had asked my sister to chop off her hand!

She completely blew up, yelling and screaming at me.

I slowly turned around, and fixed my sister a cold stare that could have killed her. “I asked you to help J, stop doing whatever you doing!” I snapped. “If you ever act like that again I will have you written up! Dont ever do it again!”

“but Rebecca I told you,” she began.

“Enough talking and do it!”

Yes! everytime someone had to work with her, they were reacting as if it was a death sentence!

I enjoyed every minute of it!

Anyone want a roommate?

I walked into the bathroom to have my shower, and my sister left all her bathing stuff in the tub, an empty ice capp cup on the edge of the tub.
Are you kidding me?
The garbage can was right there! She could have just reached over, without leaving the hot water filled tub, to drop it in!
But no!
When I confronted her about it she had the gall to tell me she always cleaned up after me!
No. Actually she doesn’t.
Then she asked for money.




I am lying here, my eyes closed lazily stroking the inside of my thighs.

I am so close to my clit, the intense sensations from knowing my fingers could brush against the sensitive button is driving me crazy.

The anticipation is what makes me hunger for more.

I have no one in particular mind, but I just want someone’s head between my thighs.

Making me squirm and whimper as he glides his tongue in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I let out a moan, encouraging him with little sounds and sighs.  He creates magic with his tongue and lips,   blowing air on my swollen little clit.

I need this…



I was taking orders in Second Booth when I broke out into Schubert’s AVA MARIA

suddenly there was silence, I turned around and everyone was staring at me.

“Who was that singing?” Steve asked. “Was that you?”

I turned so red. “Yes,”

“Thank you, Adele”

“If she was tone deaf” I giggled.

“If she had a smidge less talent.” He corrected. “a smidge”

Was that a compliment?

Ha ha


I always feel guilty when I dont answer my comments right away. Ugh I didnt get any notifications til I got home from work.

My phone was being a being a piece of shit

I couldnt make any calls, no messages. Only emergency calls.

No network service!

When I got home, everything was fine!

I think it had to do with the new security update. Thanks alot android!







In my bath, and this comes to mind

In Australia, they’ve banned all porn that contain women with A-cup breasts or smaller. Go figure, and that’s not even an Australian porn joke!

While I don’t mind women with huge breasts (double E is too much😜) I like women with smaller breasts. I can see the point. Feeds into the Loli fetish that gradually builds to other nasty stuff.

Girl on girl action earns a porn actress more pay than a sex scene with a man. How can you tell if a woman is truly a lesbian? Her nails. A bona fide lesbian will know to snip her nails before sex with another gal.
Women with long nails.. Eek. Especially the stiletto point or gel nails long enough to curve, does anyone realize how much bacteria is under those things! Then she wants to stroke a pussy! Risk of infection is amazing! Not to mention losing a nail!
For many porn stars when it comes to things they won’t do on camera, a surprising number of adult-film stars draw the line at interracial sex.

I just had a horrible thought, “once you go black you never go back” 

If this is racist? sorry 😖

There was a male black adult star who couldn’t get women to star with him because his cock was just too huge! 

Maybe white men feel inferior, but if a guy knows how to fuck and make a woman come, size doesn’t matter much. 

I don’t know about men being with black women. They are so beautiful! 

I don’t know why race has to be big deal, they should worry about B.O,sexually transmitted disease, and how nasty the director wants them to be!


I love Haley Kiyoko.
Her songs are so dreamy and lush.
She certainly doesnt stick to the Disney Schtick (Wizards of Wavarly Place. Lemonade Mouth) that helped her career.
She is so beautiful!