“No I can’t do cash now, I’m babysitting!” -Steve

It was an extremely busy day today.

It was raining out, and it was Wednesday!

I have no idea why Wednesdays are always busy, but that day is busier than any other day! That is saying alot!

I was in an extremely great mood despite it!

It was remarkable that Steve did not have a nervous breakdown. He was getting so upset with grill, drive thru and window.

He was even talking to himself. I was laughing so hard. He just glared at me.


“Drive thru is running 5 minutes people! Do you think its funny! Why are we waiting! Oh my god, start serving those orders!” he was barking out orders.

There I was on window, just watching him manage. He really is  awesome at organising people, I will have to give him credit! If I was a manager, I would not be kind! I would be one angry son of a bitch! Steve is really cool as cucumber even when he is losing his mind!

“I am going to bring a video camera to work, and record you.” I said to him “You are so funny when you are working like a horse!”

“Really, Rebecca?” his expression was not of amusement. “How about you just package those hashbrowns! I could have had those packaged, run my order and putting more down already! You only packaged one!”

I was laughing so hard, I could barely stand!

Then I had to go back on window!

All of my favourite people came in!

Even chad!

I was giggling at his expression! He looked so *thrilled* to be there! Even more *excited* when he realised he was going to be served by me.

“Hi Chad!”

He tried to avoid being seen by me.

Nope. I saw you! I am going to serve you! He was going to be served by his favorite person in the world! Me!

“Oh chad!”

Finally he walked over. “How’s it going?” I asked.

He scowled. I tried not to laugh.

I took his order. He must have been in his little world because his coffee was ready,and he was still standing there. Poor guy :(

I was happy I was in drive thru over lunch.

I was doing well. even though there were some customers…

I greeted the customer.

There was silence.


She parrots back “Hello!”


“are you going to take my order!”

No, we are just going to stand here all day saying hello to each other!

“I am waiting!” I replied.

“Well you didnt ask me for my order.”

“I did. You didnt answer me.”

“Oh I didnt hear you!”

Oh for fucks sakes! Lets go already, you clown!

Since its the beginning of the school year, coupons are sent out. I cant believe how many coupons are out! Its ridiculous!!! Then there was the SPC. Student Pricing Card. Basically the students buy a card, and they get an employee discount pricing on certain items! wow! Where was this stuff when I was in school!!!

This lady pulled up to my speaker, and I asked for her order.

“I have 2 free extra value meals in this booklet!” she snapped.

“Excuse me?” I had no idea what she was talking about. Why cant customers just explain in simple terms what they want! “You have a coupon book!”

“No,” she drawled out like I was the stupid one. “I said I have 2 free meals because you guys messed up on it. Its in the book.”

There how hard was that! JFC!!! “Okay, what was your name?”

She told me her name and I started to look for it in the complaint book. I then asked for her order. I still couldnt find her name. “I am sorry when was it that you called in.”

“A month ago.”

I nearly threw the book at the freaking screen. A month ago? Are you serious? Thanks scam-a-lot.

“Look I am getting pissed off! Are you going to give me my meal or not!”

Now I was really pissed off. “I asked for a moment so I can find your name. Since I cant find your name, I am asking my manager if I can promo it. Is that ok with you? Is it?”

She fell silent. “Oh by the way I want an apple juice and another fry and make sure all that is bagged separately!”

Yeah sit on my middle finger, and separate that! steve was talking on the phone, and told me to just promo it.

After awhile, my crankiness wore off.

Until another customer pulled up. “I want 2 small cappuccino.2% milk”

I asked if he wanted flavor shots.

“I said 2 small cappuccinos. 2% milk!”

I took a deep breath. “Sir would you like flavor in your cappuccinos?”

“I said 2% milk!”

How the hell did anything I say translate into what kind of milk do you want for your cafe????!!!

“Its on the screen!” I snapped. So I just gave him the total and ended the order.

What really made my day was when a lady refused to turn her diesel truck off. It was like I was listening 2 trucks in 1 lane!

“Ma’am turn off your truck, I cant hear you! It really is too loud over my speaker!”

“If I turn off my truck, it might not start!” she whined.

“That is not my problem! the diesel is too loud for the drive thru speaker! Please turn off the truck.”


“Turn off the truck!”


“I asked you to turn off the truck!” I shouted.

“I cant.”

Its not rocket science. Park the truck leave it running and come inside then.

It was a wonderful day, despite the fuck-ups. and there was snow in some parts of town already! SNOW!!!!

And I wasnt going to blog about it, but I made the mistake of going on my FB and one post just set me off

Super nice or flirting

So I came to the sad conclusion that I am so lame that I wouldn’t know if someone is hitting on me! Or just being so super duper nice!

Girl: its OK if you touch my butt.
I poke her ass.
Me: I touched your ass.


What are you five? Touch my damn ass!!
Me: oh Kay then!
(Well she didn’t quite react like that! But her expression told me she was not impressed!)
I’m hella-lame! Should work on the awkward flirting?

Time for a gag?

Wow that was a little awkward.
I had my earphones in, listening to music, touching myself.
I had one of the best orgasms ever!
The kind that leaves your legs shaking, and it takes awhile to recover.
I was trying to be quiet, but the power of the orgasm took me by surprise!
“Holy fuck!” I screamed,”oh my god!”
I laid there, my body trembling. I barely had the strength to turn off my music. I heard Jordan move upstairs. I started laughing when I realized just how loud I was!
“Oh god, so much for being quiet,” I giggled. “Maybe I should invest in a gag!”
The idea of me with a ball gag really made me laugh. I tried to reach for my bottle but I couldn’t move, and fell back on the pillows!
“I can’t move?!” I was hysterical now! My legs felt boneless, it was absurd. Crazy. Exhilarating.
“Oh my god, I’ve fallen and I can’t back up!”
There was silence upstairs, I snickered when I realized he was eavesdropping.
“what’s the matter, Jordan? Haven’t you ever made a woman cum so hard she lost her marbles?” I muttered.

Super nice or flirting

So I came to the sad conclusion that I am so lame that I wouldn’t know if someone is hitting on me! Or just being so super duper nice!

Girl: its OK if you touch my butt.
I poke her ass.
Me: I touched your ass.


What are you five? Touch my damn ass!!
Me: oh Kay then!
(Well she didn’t quite react like that! But her expression told me she was not impressed!)
I’m hella-lame! Should work on the awkward flirting?


I am really really grumpy!

after an emotionally anxious morning, I thought I was fine until I got home. And I started to think about how depression hits people in different ways. I  realized how horrifyingly often  people say “I am fine” when they are not.

I also came to the conclusion how people dont go out of their way to ask people how they are. Not as a greeting! I used to ask people how they were all the time. I wonder when the last time I did that! Was that forever?

While I was contemplating on what to  blog about tonight I also realized, that even know we think others are successful and happy that really they are a mess underneath it all. I was about to cry just at the thought of someone I  really care about breaking down.

Well my anxiousness and sadness soon disappeared because I became really grumpy and angry!!!

When i got home,  my niece leaves me a voice mail “Hi Rebecca. This is K could you call me please as you soon as you get this.”

I stared at my phone in disbelief. K never calls me unless she wants to come over. Since she is so far away, that cant happen!

I called my sister to see what was going on.

She couldnt talk because she was on the phone with someone.

She called back later.

“If my new place doesnt come thru I am moving back home!” she cried.


“I told you! You are not going anywhere until you get an apartment!” I shouted.

“How can I get an apartment up there if I am down here!” she whined.

I wanted to throw the phone. “Online. Rob has a computer right.”

“It doesnt work.”

“the library.”

“I dont know where it is.”

She has lived there over six months and still doesnt know where the library was? I was getting really upset.

Really? Our parents and I drove by more than once trying to find her place! It was huge! Couldnt miss it!

“Look for it!” I snapped. “The library has computers.”

“Well cant I move in with you?” she whined.

“No! No you cant. I warned you before! To look for a place if you considered moving!”

“but I cant! I dont have money! I dont have a job until I move up there.”

Was that my problem? No. My sister always runs away at the first sign of being a grown up! She doesnt take responsibilty for anything!

she expected me to file for applications, to look for apartments for her.

“I said no! No you are not moving in with me! You will have a job when you move up here. But look for a place first!”

“But Rebecca!” she cried.

“I said no, its time to grow up!”

I am now grumpy, angry, sad and very stressed out.

My poor niece is not having the best childhood. She really really wants to come home.

I really really miss her so much. I pray for her every night.

I pray my sister will have the wonderful life she deserves!

I just hope she will get it together!


The idea of kanye running for President against Donald Trump is amusing to me.
I wonder if they think running a country is a joke.

Azure and I had a discussion about Kanye being POTUS.

I surmised that his victory would be payback for not winning any grammy nominations! It would also mean a major stroke for his ego. IT would be interesting to see how he would interact with the Senate, with his political opponents and political issues, especially how he would handle the debt and terrorists abroad and state side!

It would mean he would have to pick a legit Vice President, hopefully someone young and not some crotchety old fart. How about his best friend Jay Z?

Kim K would have just that more legion of followers. No one would take her seriously, treat her like a dumb bimbo trophy wife. She would have to fight harder to establish herself as a intelligent woman who was more than a body, more than a woman with great fashion taste! It would also make a great reality show!!!

Anyway I mentioned kanye to my mother and her eyes lit up!
My mom loved the idea that kanye west might enter the Presidential race. She found him “cute and so funny”
My jaw dropped.
She had a problem with  Barack Obama because he was “black” and the “anti-christ” He was going to bring Armageddon down upon mankind! The bible said so.
Wow racist much!!!! But kanye didnt  seem to bother her.
When I pointed out that Kanye was egotistical and narcissistic she denied it. “He is hilarious!”
I snorted “just wait til Kim is First Lady and Kris Jenner visits!”
The mere mention of Kris Jenner sent my parents into a fit of disgust!


I never laughed so hard!!!