You are unarmed…LOL!:

This quote reminded me of my Sweetie.

He would sometimes accuse me of using big words and not knowing their definition.

The word was cretin.

“The question is, Derek, do you know the meaning? I just insulted you!”

He would stare at me not in the least impressed. I would always have to have the last word!

“This is where you would say touche, Rebecca” he told me at the end of one our infamous conversations.


“Say touche”


“Well done, Rebecca. Well done!”

Ah I miss our conversations!


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Calling Emily Post: A Blogging Etiquette Roundup

I am often amazed that I dont follow any of the blogging ettiquette. I feel so guilty because I try to comment and like as many blogs as I follow. And I wonder do the bloggers I follow get upset? I hope they know I love their work!

The Daily Post

If you’re a new or recent arrival on the blogging scene, there’s definitely a lot to process: themes! Widgets! Stats! Taglines!

Then there’s the large set of (mostly unwritten) rules that govern the smooth functioning of the blogging community. Just like going to a dinner party in a country where you’ve just landed, you want to make a good first impression, or at the very least not appear like an irredeemable oaf.

Thirsty for more? You can browse our entire archive of blogging etiquette posts.

Being kind to others and asking questions is always your best bet. For more specific cases, though, we’re here to help with some of our most popular posts on blogging etiquette.

The ethical use of others’ content

If you’re a blogger who prefers to restrict access to some or all of your posts, be sure to read about your blog’s privacy settings, as well as…

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Today was one of revelations and growth.

I was having a conversation with coworkers. They were remarking how my sister told them to be careful of me. I was extremely mean, I could be full of attitude and rude.

I smirked. “Oh really?”

“You are the nicest person I’ve met. You havent yelled at me once. You are really kind.”

Their praise warmed my heart.

“Your sister warned about you, but she is the one who is very mean. She is rude and she doesnt like to be helped at all.”

I was bewildered. I thought at first, it was a prank. They were pulling my leg.

Usually everyone loves my sister. They get along great with her. They become best friends. People usually feel the opposite about me. They dont get along with me, they dont like my attitude. They find me too blunt.

However I realized she wasnt kidding.

I smiled. “I will tell you something, I used to be really shy when I first started working here. People took advantage of that. I just got tired of being stepped on. I was becoming mean. I realized I cant do that anymore. I wanted to be happy.I had to be kind to others.”

Granted, some people do still find me mean, but I am so happy that for once people are seeing that I do not start the fights my sister and I get into.

That they see I do try to be kind and patient.

Today made me see how far I have come! :)

It was a really good day ♥




I rather be in bed surrounded by books, listening to the sounds of woman screaming. begging me to make her cum as I lick her pussy while I get eaten out.

I mean its a Stat holiday! I am stuck at work!

I rather have a woman  pump her fingers into me as she teases me with her tongue.



Finding a new blog to follow is always treasure, especially if it’s one of my favorite actresses!

I had been watching Xena: Warrior Princess.
I loved that show when I was younger.
Xena was such a great role model for young women! Strong confident empowering, redeeming herself!
She had her flaws and wasn’t afraid to show or admit them.

Hudson leick played the seductive villainess Callisto and curious as to what she was up to since she played Callisto, I googled her.
She has her own yoga studio and blog


Another blog I discovered this afternoon was by Adrienne Wilkinson. Her blog was very empowering and delightful. Adrienne protrayed Eve/Livia on Xena.