Ash is falling down.
And the sky is pink and grey from the sun setting thru smoke.
Surrounded by so many fires
So much recklessness.
We probably have a horrible evacuation plan.

Maybe I should get a bag ready. ugh what to pack. I have no emergency essentials. Like first aid stuff. Hmm. Now I am getting paranoid.

“It smells like BBQ. Poor Bambi is getting roasted out there.” someone said that this afternoon
I never laughed so hard.
Poor Bambi.

I am so horrible.


My thoughts used to be consumed by who I wanted to love. Who I wanted to be loved by.

What it would be like to be in his arms. To feel his kiss.

Now whenever I close my eyes, my mind is dark. There is nothing.

I wonder why should my mind be so preoccupied by the concept of being with someone.

My heart just isnt in it.


I had left Chad a note on his coffee cup last week.

“Dear Chad. Learn how to order”


Today he came in and I took his order.

“Chad whats going on?” I asked trying not to giggle.

He grunted.

I punched in his order.

“Oh! You told me to learn how to order! You cant even take an order!” he crowed.

I had added his order to another.

I burst out laughing. “My till is not working! Give me a break!”

Its how I do!


“Hey Cap’n a big fan!”

oh my god!

Was that?

For tha love!

How did they not hear the kid’s british accent when he said that! did they not catch that when they were editing the movie?

Why the hell did they even re-cast Spider Man again? Why did they even make another Spider Man?

Andrew Garfield is perfect!

But you know what would be great!


But not with Emma stone.

Just saying!

DONT BE AN ignoramus

This is how ignorant my sister is.
“They didn’t evacuate everybody”
Me: what? Yes they evacuated everybody days ago.
Mel: no they declared too late.
Me: what are you talking about? They had a warning days ago! They just declared a state of emergency!
Mel: that’s what I said. But they didn’t want to.
Me: you need to shut up because you have no idea what you are talking about!
My sister then throws a cigarette out while driving.
“I don’t care” was her response.
Holy shit!


1600 structures destroyed so far. 10 000 hectares razed. This is Alberta’s largest wildfire evacuation in history. Bigger than 1995 Oakland,California wildfires.

only 100 firefighters, 10 helicopters and 17 air tankers available and assigned. And the Military is on standby.

While I was on my 15 min break this afternoon. The Emergency Broadcast System came on as a test because we have 4 fires outside town just half hour away. Nothing compared to Fort McMurray.

Yet is sad we keep thinking nothing can  happen to us. We live up north.

We need to wake up.


Aha hot cops and fire fighters were in drive thru when I got upstairs!
And the customers were panicking because they saw the cops, and they weren’t wearing seatbelts. Or they were talking on their phones.
It was hilarious!
“They can handcuff me because I’ve been bad!” I purred. “50 shades of cops”