Oh my God he is so hot!

People tend to roll their eyes whenever a woman says that about a man. No one really talks about what a woman finds physically attractive about a man, only what they find attractive about his personalty. Its because people are led to believe we as women put more emphasis on a man’s personalty than what we considered sexy in a man.

Funny thing is, sexual attraction comes before knowing a man’s personalty. Maybe I’m defunct in that department lol. Im rarely sexually attracted to a man, I’m physically attracted yes. But not sexually attracted.

So what are the physical traits women find attractive in a man? Physical not personality.

Chest. Six pack. Unless he has a good personalty to match it doesnt neccessarily mean she will choose the man with washboard abs. Maybe thats why i didnt like jocks in high school.

Height:  short men are sexy, but women perferrably favor tall men. There is something about a tall man that screams out “i can take care of you” physically.or he can sweep a woman off her feet.

36-24-36. The dreaded measurement men try to hold us women up to. We women have a measurement of men too. not so exact, but we have one too. Its the V measurement.

The V measurement is the width of a man’s shoulder, chest and waist. Men who have wide shoulders, the afore mentioned chest, and small waist are considered very sexy and masculine.

Face. An attractive face, chiseled jaw line, twinkling eyes are what women find important.

voice: A man’s voice is one of the physical traits a woman finds attractive in a man? You bet.

Remember Jan on Friends, Chandler’s ex girlfriend the one with a nasal voice. “Oh chandler!” Yeah reverse that, imagine if Jan was a man.

Egads scary right. A woman wouldnt touch a man with a ten foot pole if he had grating voice like that. A woman likes a deep sexy voice that reminds her of sex.

Voice is one of the main physical traits I look for. Silly isnt it?

Walk: “Its the way I roll” definitely comes into play. A man’s walk has to be full of confidence  without hesitation.

Physical traits, attractions are alright and dandy, but its the personalty of the man that shines through and what makes him truely sexy. A man can look like a greek god but could be a real horrible person personalty wise.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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