AMISH VAMPIRE? hmm a new kind of vampire?

I found a  book to add to my “books -to- read” list! 

Frankly I am not a big fan of Vampires fiction anymore. Since Twilight came out, the idea of sparkling vampires (oh come on!) was a real turn off. However I was browsing this website, and I came across this book that looked really interesting.

CALL TO ORDER  (The order of Vampyres 1) by Lydia Michaels

Isolated in the quiet hills of Pennsylvania is an Amish order unlike any other—they are vampyre.

Adam Hartzler has always been an honorable immortal, but when he is called to his true mate, the line between right and wrong begins to blur. If he does not find her soon, he will lose his soul and die. The longer he waits, the less he is in control. With only his dreams to guide him, Adam sets out on a journey to claim his mate and return home with her before it is too late.

Annalise Snow is forced into a destiny she did not choose when she awakens on a primitive farm in the arms of a man determined to have her. Passion and emotion collide when two strangers, bound by destiny, become each other’s salvation, but will their bond survive the ultimate sacrifice? Or will eternity begin with betrayal?

An amish Vampire? Who would have thought of that? Not me! That is an interesting concept.  I wonder if the writer wrote the Amish concept of God and their beliefs, it would be conflicting since they’re vampires.

I thought the book was a paranormal book, which it is but apparently its one of those erotic ones. What? Somehow I dont see Erotic and Amish in the same sentence, its kind of blasphemous but oh well. Amish people have sex how else do they have kids!

Then I realised the book is only available on e-book and I have to pay for it! What the hell?!

Maybe Goodreads will have it. I pout!


I think this book would be interesting… I would take Amish Vampires over Edward Cullen and his sparkling gay self anytime!

9 thoughts on “AMISH VAMPIRE? hmm a new kind of vampire?

  1. And so you should pay for this book. I read it and it’s worthwhile reading, Quite a concept. But it’s not free! Authors have to eat too.


  2. Hello Rebecca,
    Thanks for the mention. I thought you might like to know that Called to Order will be available in print this spring through major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Like a lot of books in this day and age it starts out in e-format. Currently Called to Order can be purchased for Kindle, Nook, iPad, iphone, droid, and most other popular devices. I checked out your book list and saw that you and I enjoy many of the same titles, so I am thinking you may really enjoy The Order of Vampyres series. Book two will be released April 2012. For more information about where to purchase and upcoming dates and trailers, you can visit my webpage or find me on Facebook.


    1. Hi Lydia,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really cant wait to get my hands on Called to Order. i have a Kobo e-reader, and for some reason most e-formats dont like it! sad! so now the idea of your book being in print is really awesome! Im going to buy it!


      1. Hi Rebecca,
        I have heard that the Kobo doesn’t accept all files. That is sad. I am a converted Kindle lover myself, but I do love my print books too. I am glad to hear you are excited for Called to Order. I’m not sure of the exact date yet, but I believe it will go into print somewhere between March and May. It is the first of many in that series and others. I hope you enjoy!


      2. I am thinking of switching to Kindle…but I really like paperback better. I am really excited for your book to come out in print. It will be certainly a new kind of vampire that I would like to read about! and i cant wait for the series!


  3. Hello again- I too have a Kobo, Canadian eh? And I had to buy a Kindle in order to buy from Siren. If you wait for Called to Order to come out in eprint on Amazon, then you can download Kindle for PC and read it that way- I’ve read many books that way because Kobo is months behind in having those books available. Hopefully they upgrade their software because Canada is a big market and they are missing the boat. My first book too three months to be available on Kobo’s site and I had already found it on Amazon ebooks AND in print. FYI. Jordan


    1. thanks jordan. I found kobo was just the dumbass version of Kindle. I have it but I rarely use it simply for that reason. that kobo is slow on getting books, and the books you want you cant get because it isnt available for kobo. What is the point of getting the kobo then? waste of money if you ask me! but it was a present, and I was excited i got an ereader for christmas! so i think i will get a kindle sometime.


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