Finding out Robin Scorpio died:

Watching Robin die:


Watching Mac cry after being told about Robin:


How I feel about Patrick living while Robin died:




That is it! That is it!

I have had it! I cant cry anymore! Oh the humanity! My tear ducts hurt!

Robin’s death took everything out of me!

Why? Why did they have to kill her?

 I grew up with her!

I remember  I was 9 when she first met Robert  in the Scorpio House…   I remember her Godfathers. Sean Donnelly, Buzz Stryker,  and Frisco Jones. I remember everything!

Then they killed her!

Damn them!

I told myself I wasnt going to cry, when Anna told Mac. I wasnt going to cry. After all, Mac raised her for so long. But then when she told him…I lost it.

Or when Anna had to tell Robert… I loved seeing Robert again.

I went through half a roll of tissue paper!


It will be hard to watch GH now without Robin. She was such a main fixture of that show. I grew up with her, I watched her fall in love, I watched her have a baby. Its silly, I know. But Not having Kimberly McCullough on the show… i will keep expecting her walking on scene…

“Who are you?”

“I’m Robin”


How is  it a person can cry over a fictional character’s death? yet remain unaffected by real life?

My tear ducts hurt…but my left eye is twitching…

Patrick Drake. Even now the name fills me with disgust and rage. The bastard gets to live while Robin is dead! Why couldnt he be on the other side of the door? He should have been in that explosion!

Now he gets to be with Lizzie.

I’m feeling anger! He needs to go! Goodbye Dr. Drake!


  1. I started watching general a little bit before robin came back and omg let me tell u when I saw a flashback of when robin went in the lab to save Jason and left Patrick out there i was beyond mad that she would do that but at the same time i saw how much she loved Patrick I LOVE GENERAL HOSPITAL


      1. i dont hate patrick anymore. not as much as i used to. i just think he should have stayed with sabrina. i know robin was alive and that he loved her. but he moved on. and thats what he should have told robin.


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