I was reading this article about ascension symptoms. Now, I was thinking : What? Ascension? isnt that when Jesus went up to heaven?   so is that akin to stigmata? 

I was so far off the reservation on that one!

Ascension Symptoms:

There are many symptoms you will experience as your vibrations increase whether the increase is do to chakra work or receiving an attunement. They are called Ascension Symptoms. The ringing in the ears is one of the many symptoms you will experience.

Generally, after opening the brow chakra you will experience pressure between and just above the eye brows. Accompanying this will be a ringing in the ears that could be very loud to the point it eventually gives you a headache and makes it hard to concentrate. You must understand that opening and clearing chakras do not come without an increasing in your vibrations and hence theringing in the ears is also a symptom of this increase.

Ringing in the ears is something you will get use to over time to the point where most times you will not notice it except when it at times gets louder, switches ears, or is accompanied that other sounds such as tones.

Well, then that explains everything! I had been working on my third eye, (some people say dont do it) and the ringing in my ears was annoying. Today I had been meditating, and doing a chakra cleansing. I was sick that is why I was doing it.

The ringing in my ears was so loud I could barely hear the diesel truck that was running outside! So that is normal right?

ahh no. apparently:

A faint ringing sound in any one of the ears which is a lot like the flutter of wings symbolizes the presence of your Spirit Guides, t’s more like a short resonating frequency, some kinda signal to your consciousness of an angelic presence or a subtle message from a higher entity.

Angels? Spirit guides? Oh come on now! You all are just pulling my leg! Could be why I was seeing strange things earlier in the week. Damn it!

So lets get on with other “symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening”

-Tiredness- feeling dragged out, and tired all the time. –  pyschics actually told me I was putting out too much energy.

-Skin Eruptions- These can include rashes, dry skin, boils, eczema, acne, hives, warts, and shingles. –

-Joint pains- Which may often affect each
joint in your body, at different times, with no
explainable cause. – could explain why right ankle felt like it got mashed by a sledge hammer for no apparent reason. since i didnt twist it, sprain or break it!

creased Sensitivity of all your senses:
Senses become more acute:

–Sight- People experience blurry vision, hazy vision, sore eyes, seeing showers of ‘sparkles’ glittering in the air, see things and colors much more vivid, see auras around living objects, things seem to disappear, including yourself, seeing a “redness” when you close your eyes, colors or geometric shapes. Seeing things in other realms, which may come across as a shape in the air, or a shadow out of the corner of your eye. Seeing objects which seem to “melt”, move or shimmer.

–Hearing- Seems like you can hear people
“talking” or music down the street, but you cant hear the words, or when you listen to someone speak, you cant hear the words (this is called audio dislexia).
You may also hear beeps, tones or electronic “morris code”, or you may hear a “buzzing” or the sound of
white noise in your ear, and other things include ringing, bees buzzing, whoosing, or roaring.
Sound may be amplified, or you may have trouble hearing. You may hear people talking, but you cant
understand what they are saying, as it sounds like
a foreign language.

–Enhanced sense of smell, taste and touch.
Some people have begun to be able to taste
the chemical additives in certain foods, or some foods may taste more intense and pleasurable. Some people become sensitive to touch, and can become tactile defensive.

-Disturbances with Energy- You may find you
are blowing out lightbulbs or breaking glass from
across the room. Other electrical disturbances
can also happen when you are around your tv, radio,
or computer.

You begin to see/sense invisible presences- Some people report feeling surrounded by beings at night,
or having the sensation of being touched or talked to.
Some will wake with a start, or feel their body or bed
vibrate. You may see beings from other dimensions.

Left-brain fogginess- Difficulties with organization,
problem solving, decision making, sequencing, analysis, mathmatics, memory lapses, placing
words in wrong sequence, unable to read for long
periods, inablility to focus, forgetting what you were going to say, impatience with linear forms of communication, a feeling of spaciness, feeling scattered, feeling bombarded with words, talk, or
information, and a reluctance to write.

-Becoming easily irritated, impatient, and
intolerant of other people or situations.


OR you’re just being crazy and you need to be locked up in a looney bin! because most of the stuff all tho I relate to, sound redunkalous.. but half the symptoms i put down is what I experienced.

again psychics have said I was the saddest person they’ve met. I wonder how could they have said that? when I was happy when I met them? they said i was very intuitive, and  i brought up the possible idea of being haunted they brushed it aside. Yet an acquaintance of mine told me I was being looked after by a spirit.

strange things.

All I know is, I never been happier when I walked away from my parents church and found my own path.

Life should be about happiness, fun, love, exploring and faith. Everything I knew that church wasnt.


  1. I have gone mad, ringing in my ears, I noticed about 3 months ago. I dob’t listen to loud music, I don’t watch TV but I do watch movies on Netflix ^ any music I listen to comes from Elvis Presley. I am aquarius, always had good intuition. Use to, I would run into folks I knew, there was this one chick I ran into out of the blue so many times, once at the movies. Other times, folks thought I had mind reading skills because I would do for suggest thing they were thinking about then I shit myself off from the world just to get some peace & that was 10-15 years ago. Anyhow I meditated at 16 before I even knew what it was. I had a learning disability so I felt safer in the mind then in the world & that was 20 + years ago. For the last I would say few years, I got into listening to brain enchantment for meditation using a ipod, my quest was just to get into meditation. The make a long story short, I started to hear this buzzing sound like wind & in my right ear this high pitch tone that doesn’t stop but I only notice these when it’s quiet like bed time, most of the day I may force myself to hear them just to remind myself it’s real. My first thought when this happened was the meditation music must of did something to my brian. I didn’t think it was anything related to the ears. I also felt it had something to do with spirituality simply because of the way I think. I always listen to my body, always have. If my leg jerks, I take notice, if my forehead is num, I take notice, if I turn right when I was thinking left I take notice. I always think ahead of myself. Since the buzzing, I stopped meditating with meditation music in hope the buzzing would go away. The last few weeks I started meditating again but instead of using meditation music, I just listen to the buzzing which I find relaxing when meditating. To my surprise, I had some positive experiences, even felt like I traveled somewhere interesting. I think the buzzing has something to do with increasing spiritual vibrations, change of DNA. Not sure but thats what I think.

  2. I am developing in mediumship since my mother died 9 months ago and since that time I have experienced, shadows, like moving energy out of the corner of my eye, silvery “sperm” type looking things in the sky! Plumes of white smoke during meditation and just last week after trying to access my Akashic records, I started getting the ringing in the ear! It seems to be rhe right ear only though which is very strange! Hope this helps – Before all this, I was actually an Atheist! So foolish eh! X Ps I have also been told by members of a development group that I have strong mediumstic ability..My mum was “schizophrenic” and my grandmother used to have visions too so I recently found out through a relative…It’s been a fascinating journey!

    1. I’ve been to a psychic as well, she told me I was very intuitive. I used to be very sensitive to other people’s energy n such, but when I worked on my shields, I noticed I wasn’t susceptible to their moods or feelings. I also noticed other things as well. Such as paranormal happenings, and the ringing.

      1. I got a really amazing tip from a medium friend recently about the ringing that actually worked! Meditate and then once you are in the zone, visualise a dial knob next to or above your ears – turn each dial down to zero and imagine when you do this that you are turning down the frequency of the ringing. It worked the first time I did it! No more annoying ringing! xx

      2. I too have am a very sensitive person. I grab on to everyones energy and when i get to the point i cant handle it or contain it i spew the energy back out. If that makes any sense, but how are things going?

      3. I would say well, but I’ve working hard to get out of this depressive funk I’ve been in. There are just too many negative people in this world!!! How are you

      4. Ive always had seamed to have abilities since I was youn, but things happend and I stopped believing in things was a very hateful person then my grandma told me about a family friend that’s is a reiki Master and out curiosity I went to see her. Since then my abilities seem to come back and are still growing g granted this was no more than 2 months ago but still I already can tell the difference. At times it gets to intense but I still noticed the difference. A lot of it still really confusing and I deny it sometimes…

    2. Sorry for your loss, my dear. It takes a long time to find yourself after a loved one passes on, especially a mother. I still feel my mom although she died suddenly when I was twenty nine. My thoughts are with you.

      1. Thanks Charmaine – although, the reason this all started was because of my mum! Two months after she passed she caused me to have an OBE! I knew my body was asleep and that she was really there, she only spoke in telepathy and this unbelievably powerful emotion…Like love, sorrow, etc all in one go! Robert Monroe calls it NVQ or (non verbal communication) and it changed my life around completely! So I don’t think it has taken me too long to find myself, as you say – because of that experience. Plus I have seen her twice in meditation which definitely helped me stop grieving completely. If I hadn’t have had those experiences I probably would have been a wreck for years as it was so sudden how she went. Sorry about your loss too Charmaine – hardest thing in the world xx

    3. The silvery sperm things are your white blood cells behind your retina. I’ve always seen them when I look at they sky day ir night and finally discoverd it was just the white blood cells swirling around. I thought they were dust particles. But just thought id let you know its a normal thing everyone sees them if they focus

      1. That explanation would be fine, if only I hadn’t started seeing them – after developing my consciousness further! And I don’t see them when I focus, I have to kind of unfocus and allow my psychic vision to take over in order to see them. I can never see them when I look at the sky with my normal, focused vision. I now know it is energy I am seeing. If you relax your physical eyes enough the energy starts to take on different forms..definitely not white blood cells I don’t think!

    4. I can have outer body experiences anytime I like, I can switch it on and off, I also get the ringing in my ear but it’s very faint, I can turn it on and off, I have control over almost every emotion. Right now I’m trying to master pain.

  3. First id like to say i love you and this is meant to be compassionate not condescending. All of these symptoms are being experienced due to low vibrations. Remember your a soul having a human experience not vice versa.Negative thought patterns and bad habits/addictions lower vibrations to a point to where your in pain. If your ears are ringing that means your never able to hear that frequency again. When you heal the soul it reflects on or in the body and the energy manifests into your environment. Good results and very healthy if your vibrations are high. One leaving a church doesn’t mean one is more enlightened than another. condemning the church shows you envy there souls. you hold resentment and your hatred stems from self hatred. we humans have very good psychological defense mechanisms to lead us from the soul. god is love. Forgiveness compassion. reverence for all life on earth no matter the size. your judgements are a way of increasing your self esteem. all religions are ascending the ladder of divinity. If you can’t practice non judgmental acceptance then id evaluate my soul and find the regressed issue or memory and start from there. You may be suffering from a schizotypal personality disorder.(not the same as schizophrenia) but your directing your energy to the external world regardless. Your intentions are to accumulate power. Its when you become a servent of god and live a life of meekness and humility. Ghandi krishna jesus buddha were showing you through the path of pure perfect love and forgiveness you are granted an exit from the cycle of birth and death. You get to return back to the god head of the highest vibration and nonduality is where you’ll reside. You’ve always been there but the choice of seperation or duality leads to destruction. I love you because i am you. If time doesn’t exist then there is no contest or rat race. We are present in earth school learning how to heal the soul. Knowing this won’t activate the power of at-one-ment. Live

      1. i have ringing in my ears always at night, headache , and i see, hear and feel something evil touching me,. i think i am going nuts.

  4. Ive had the ability to create ringing in my ears for years,
    Ive had a scary experience dealing with it.
    One morning i Awoke and I heard small Ringing In My Ears..I’ve always had the ability to make it louder so i decided to tried it. I made it as loud as a train in seconds..Then out of nowhere i could not move..I could feel a pressure on my back. This was not my first time dealing with “sleep paralysis”. The scary part was that i saw a figure walk past me This time in a locked room…(??)..Then it came back, leaned over and stared me in my face..I could not see a face because i could not move.. then once i could move again I didn’t see the figure any more. Can someone with info please contact me ASAP

    1. Wow Stephon! I would love that! Try googling the old hag syndrome…it’s extremely common. I just think you are very lucky because some people report waking up with a spirit sat on their chest staring at them! The ringing that you are able to turn up, sounds similar to the OBE technique of inviting in vibrations to enable leaving the body. Sleep paralysis is the first step to out of body travel apparently, there are many good books on the subject. Try ‘Adventures beyond the body’ by William Buhlman, if you like, you can join a good group called seventh sight – it’s for people like us – to talk about our experiences and learn – I can inbox you my email and send you the electronic version of the book if you like? Kind regards xx ps Try not be frightened of these experiences, the more positive you feel, the more positive encounters you will have. Love and light xxx

      1. I Would love to be in contact with you all to continue along this journey please email me any and everything you have ill even email you my number if you’d like =))

      2. Hi I just read this I know its over a year later but I would appreciate if someone can email me at I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis for years have hear people speak when i was in this state. And now I’m actually seeing energy in the sky it so bizarre. Email me if you can. Thank u. Name is Chris

    2. just happened (EXACTLY) same thing to me thrice now after what u have said i started flying upward only my toes remain and suddenly out of fear i started moving my hands and legs cause me to awake but i still cannot move my body after much force i controlled my body. i felt very discomfort and pain in my body . i think Newbornspirit is right i was near astral travelling as i used to do meditation a lot plz guide me further.

    3. ive had very similar experiences, i recently discovered that the ringing, as someone else recently mentioned, seems to be the way out of your physical body. whenever i meditate i try to focus on the ringing as hard as i can, and for the first minute or so i can get it to the point that i can feel myself leaving my body. each time i attempt this i can make the ringing louder than before and the feeling becomes stronger as well as the things i see with my eyes closed. you should read about astral projection if you have not already because it fits you description of what happened. the best way to control what you see is to live positive and happy. if you do not fear the things you may see then you probably wont fear them. one step in being able to travel out of body is facing fears. all of this is just my opinion by the way, but i hope it helps

  5. I had my first guided meditation experience last night…I have been dealing with a young sibling ( 19 ) that has battled with some drugs, depression, bi-polar etc…I met with her and she said she was happy and that she wasn’t parting the nights away but meditating and she was feeling great. So long story short…(yea right) she sent me a video/audio guided meditation via youtube. I prepped myself in bed, played it on my phone on speaker and assumed I listened for 15 to 20 minutes…don’t know but I woke at 3:40am by the sound of wings fluttering loudly in my ears…I then realized what had happened. I was in a sleep meditative state ( I suppose ) I remember distinctly what I saw, things I felt, pain where I am having problems, hands & back, I heard my sister speak to me when I started to panic while in the meditative state, she told me to breath, I felt like I was panicking. I spoke back to her and she replied. I could hear music, felt things like my phone and the pillows under my head were different, I felt like I was shifting around my bed, etc…when i woke by the loud fluttering of wings pulled me out ) my phone was on the night stand and all my pillows were right and It didn’t seemed that I moved at all. there are more things that took place but that isn’t relevant. I was frightened and shaking. Is this experience normal for a first time? I got up for about an hour…then tried going back to sleep, I am not sure if I feel back into the meditative state or I was simply dreaming about what had happened. Any comments/replies would be greatly appreciated…

    1. I meant the fear by the way not the fluttering! Haven’t heard about the fluttering in the ears before. Although a lot of people say they hear loud roaring noises in the ears when they get close to going out of body. x

  6. Yes! it is very normal hun, it is your lifelong fears that are undealt with coming to the surface. Meditation heals the psyche so anything that comes up during it is really releasing bad energy from your aura. Try not to feel scared! It’s hard I know – but think good, positive thoughts as you meditate and the fear will turn into a serenity! xx There are so many good sources of information online for meditation, good facebook groups etc to talk about it with – read lots and it will be far less fear inducing! The fear of the unknown can be terrifying, I remember my first meditation! XXX Have fun sweetie )

  7. Hey!
    I’d love to be able to chat to some people about spirituality, twin flames, tarot, palm reading etc. I find it all so inspiring! xxx

  8. I’m happy to have found this thread and have enjoyed reading each and every post. I suppose I’ll begin by saying that I’ve had experiences very similar & some exactly similar to most of what’s been said, & would also like to mention that for every person you ask you’ll get somewhat of a different experience. These abilities, at least based on my experience, tend to show themselves in so many different ways, levels of intensity, times in the person’s life, etc… It’s my belief that every single soul, I.e. person, has abilities of intuition & of connecting to the higher energies that go on behind the scenes in the world every moment of every day, and that many factors seem to effect who experiences what & when(I won’t go into that here as it’d take me a while to expand upon). For me personally I’ve had experiences all my life, the ones most notable when I look back were that I’ve always been a “destroyer of electronics”. It literally got so bad @ a point that my dad wouldn’t let me touch his laptop, b/c every time I did, even just to show him something simple like opening a file, led to crashes & bizarre issues. Lightbulbs never last 1/4 of their supposed lifespan, even the new longer life ones, if I’m around them regularly. 10 yrs ago when my fiancée passed away one of the stranger things began occurring where any night I found myself driving down a major freeway with those large arched lights that run down the center divider for each side I’d have a stretch for at least a 1/4 mile (the most was about 2 miles) where as I came up to go under each light it would go out, and as I passed it I could look in my rearview & watch them pop back on. And I don’t mean right around dusk or dawn when timers set them off/on. Of course my friend’s thought I was exaggerating or just plain nuts until I’d say, “okay, let’s go, I’ll prove it!” And I did each time. These days I rarely find myself on the roads at night so I’m unsure if it is still as frequent or not. My doctor has been dumbfounded over the last 12 years by the inability to get correct reads on my BP, MRI images, EKG results, etc… & they often have to redo the tests. But my biggest irritation? I can’t keep a damn wrist watch working for the life of me. My mom just got me a new one for my birthday last March, the guy put a new battery in while I waited,& from the second day I had it it’s fallen behind an hour and a half each day when I wear it. When I don’t it’s fine. I’ve taken it back to get the issue fixed, but they say it isn’t the watch,& I know it isn’t b/c of my lifelong experience w/ this issue, but I still had to try and rule it out. There’s been other things, like shadows terrifying me almost nightly as a child, strange things happening to friends and family only when they’re with me, my difficult time handling large crowds b/c I’m suddenly flooded w/ unexplainable emotions, which would be logical if I were someone who disliked being around people. Anytime someone visits with me & has something hard happening in their lives, whether they share it or not, I always feel completely sucked dry of energy once they leave,& lies, even stupid Little white lies that don’t harm anyone, are impossible for me not to know of right away. As I said, those are the situations I’ve dealt w/ throughout my life, but it wasn’t until several months ago that I awoke to just why all of that has been happening & discovered some abilities I’d been ignoring quite successfully until then. By accident (I know it wasn’t an actual accident, so I mean that I was searching for it consciously) I discovered I’m a medium. At first it was just these thoughts, in my own voice, just like when you’re going over a conversation or such in your mind, but these were totally random thoughts & until I said them out loud to whomever was present they would persist so severely that I literally played them over and over again, as one would an irritating song stuck in your head, until I spit it out. Only then did I realize that these thoughts were messages for someone present from someone they loved who had passed away. I was met with complete shock & a “you’ve got to be kidding me, I’m losing my damn mind!” From my own self, and to this day I continue to have that reaction each and every time I’m able to help someone connect with a loved one. I still have a hard time believing it even when it’s been proven over and over again & when every last family, friend, & stranger I’ve helped, whether they believed beforehand of not, says they believe it’s not only possible, but that I’m actually receiving that info from the other side as there’s simply no other logical answer for it. Oddly, or not oddly :0) enough, a few months before that began I’d started to meditate again. I’d meditated years before, but got too busy, as usual, & quit. At first it was impossible to shut my head up. I was so frustrated & had to have pounding drum type music playing to meditate for just 3 min. But today I average an hour each day in 100% silence, which feels like only seconds afterward, & I can honest to goodness shut my mind off entirely. I’m not talking about having to think about thinking about nothing while I meditate, but actual, beautiful, serene,& amazing silence. My body often feels…well like it isn’t mine, or that I’m not in it, which is amazing b/c I have severe back probs that’ve led to multiple operations, which makes it a damn medical miracle that I can exist in any state without pain distracting me, but my pains decreased significantly since my meditations got “better”. These days something new has started. I’ve always seen lights, brief figures, faces, words, swirly things,& they always begin with what looks like a giant white ring expanded all the way around the outside of my field of vision, then shrinking into a solid white ball before it pops back up right away as the huge ring, repeating over and over until the other images appear. All my life I’ve gotten this extremely irritating feeling between my eyes, just above the middle point, anytime I try wearing glasses,& sometimes at random. Now it happens every day in meditation, & I actually know what it is now. But in the last weeks I’ve begun seeing these flutters of light when the big white ring converges to the center,& the flashes sometimes come from the center, or anywhere else really. I’ve opened my eyes in the middle of it before only to watch them continue on their path in my vision! Cool! Also I’ve had this sound start which, as best as I can describe, sounds like someone playing a guitar made with rubber bands! It’s that “doioioing” sound when you pop a taught rubberband, & after a few days of that sound I started to hear this electronic sound. Almost as if someone is using one of those tubes when they sing to make their voices sound kind of robotic. At first it was unintelligible, but in the last week, as I’ve asked it to become clearer, I’m hearing full sentences. It’s random stuff that’s exactly like what comes in my head when I’m hearing from the other side, but it has this strange tone to it. It absolutely gives no negative feelings & is quite peaceful, but of course, as soon as I try to really focus and keep the words coming it fades back out until it just pops back up randomly seconds or minutes later. Lol I also experience the ring, or buzz in my ear, well only my left, on occasion, & it’s always accompanied with pressure in that ear and in my forehead,& I’ve recognized it as a guide, spirit, or whomever forcing a sensation on me because it only happens when I’m not “reading” for someone, so I’m not tuning in, have no intention of tuning in @ that moment, but they need me to listen so I do. But the ring is never painful or loud. The only other new thing, which happened for the second time ever last night, was I felt the damn bed vibrating ever So slightly, but so damn fast & constant I couldn’t go to sleep. I live In a 1 story home on a slab in the gulf coast, and I sleep on a tempur pedic that doesn’t touch anything else but the floor, so I can’t figure out what that’s about. My husband said he couldn’t feel it, but he also can’t hear the tones that the fan’s motors make in our room either, especially above the whoosh of the fan beating the air, which also did not start until I “awoke”, so to speak. Anyhow, I apologize for writing so much, but I hope that my experience can offer reassurance to some of you that it’s all okay. The main deal is if you’re hearing ANY voices, or thinking thoughts of negativity, to harm yourself, or others, I strongly suggest seeking a trained professional, because contact from high energies that are for good, love,& light DO NOT come across in that fashion. No doubt there’s some pissed off energies, but our guides tend to protect them from “talking” to us & they’re more likely to be “felt” as the creepy crawly negative, there’s someone staring at me, type of way (of course sometimes experiencing positive energies before we realize what it is can feel that way & is due to our fears inspired from all the stuff we see & hear from many diff places, but to see for yourself that they’re not there to harm us just take a deep breath and listen To your gut, not your conditioned fear, to see who may be there) or by causing blatantly frightening experiences. Sometimes spirits don’t realize they’re scaring you, so just tell them so & ask for them to move on or quit reaching out in that way & most of the time they get the message. Again I want to add the things I’ve said are a sharing of my experience, & nothing more, as only you can decide for yourself what you do and don’t feel is true for your soul & it’s mission at the moment. God Bless. Love & Light!!!

    1. Wow you are definitely not Latent, your very Sensitive.
      I’ve had similar issues with vibrations, and hearing sounds no one could hear. My cellphones never lasted more than 6 months. Couldn’t wear a watch.
      If someone was sick, I was sick.
      The other day I had a vision, I hadn’t one in a long while, it was like I was looking into a pool of water.
      I’m not very strong intuitive.

      1. I don’t feel that’s the case at all, I think you just need to find out which intuitive type your strongest in so you can focus on that, become stronger, then go from there by working on strengthening the other areas. Those areas are generally: emotional (me), physical, mental, & spiritual intuitive. You can look those up, but there’s a great book about each, the common characteristics for each category, strengths, weaknesses,& how they relate to those with strengths in the other areas called “Discover Your Psychic Type” by Sherrie Dillard. There’s also a website you can go to to check it out:
        It can be a very helpful guide! It has been to me!!!

    2. I think you are ready to do readings Shona! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you would like to practice with me? My friend and I both started practicing on each other and then strangers online using photographs. I want to add you also :) Any body on this page actually – feel free to add me on Facebook – I need more lightworkers around me xxx

      1. Hi Nadine,

        It has been about three months & I have been experiencing some wired stuff of seeing light beams randomly that disappear and pressing in between my brows, chakras moving, bed vibrating. It doesn’t scare me now although it did earlier. Please I need to get in touch with you to discuss more. Please can you provide your Facebook details or your email? Thanks in advance.

    3. SHONA! I can’t believe you and how much your post has just helped me with SO many things recently! ARRRGH could kiss you! The rings around my field of vision..YES! I see them as expanding rings, smoky looking that move through my soul it feels.. Don’t know if that is the way to describe it but I asked my clairvoyance what they were and heard “Layers of perception” Which is confirmed by Robert Monroes books :) You will really enjoy those if you haven’t already read them. Also when you talked of the mediumship “symptoms” and how you pretty much ignored the signs your whole life..ME! nd your back pains…ME! And you especially helped me with the part where you said you didn’t realise that the random thoughts were messages. Until I read that just now, I thought that you had to go into meditative state to be able to get anything in public places.
      With all the mediumship and psychic development books I’ve paid for now I cannot believe it was you and not a book who just answered a HUGE frustration for me! So thankyou! xx

  9. Please stop my ringing in the ears or I’m giving my ears to the sharks. Just kidding folks. Seriously though, I have had this about a year. I thought it was the air condition then I put on some headphones & boy I went where no man has gone before. A year ago, I started listing to Life FLow Brain entrainment a few years ago using some awesome & expensive headphones. About a year later, I heard a tone & figure it would go away. Nope it’s going 24 hours a day in the left ear. It’s not loud just a tone while in the other ear, I hear not a tone but hissing so light, I can’t hear it without focus. I have never been around loudness, no concerts, no parties & I have always keep the radio to a decent level & the TV. I guess you can say I have multi tone. I have not awaken my third eye, I don’t think I have unless it’s the vibration feeling I get combined with numbness center forehead pulsating. There are some things that may help to lesser the effect. live a stress free life, try not to exercise to hard such as sprints.. the pounding puts a lot of stress on the nervous system, sex no more then twice a week for those older then 40 & start with no sex for 90 days. Pressure points, a good night sleep, plenty of fruits, veggies, vitamins. Do something wonderful like give to your favorite charity, watch the movie Blue Hawaii.

  10. I’m not sure, what the hell is going on it’s getting worst and more intense. I rush myself to wake at night when it happens only to lay back down and happen again! I tell my friends about it, they think I’m crazy, But I’m only telling them what I’m actually experiencing. At first it was just creepy I would wake up and my body could not move, as it progressed and I just let it happen I would see things move, humanoid like beings but to dark to see, I’ve only seen one. And I would shock myself to wake back up it’s gone. Then it happen again not to the extent, but I would see numbers like someone was doing math in a dark room, I started rolling my eyes to the back of my head and choking so I rushed to wake up again. after that got even worst, I would always get vibrations so that part is almost normal to me so I kinda feel okay with it, but I close my eyes and start to hear whispers like there’s 20 people in a room trying to talk to me all at once. Last few nights it’s happen, It starts with a ringing, then elevates to vibrations and I’ll start to see lights, all over the room I’m seeping in, but these lights are different. You don’t actually see the source they’re coming from, all you see is the light reflecting off the wall. last night it was bad light, and it’s happen quite a bit when I sleep over at my friend’s place. So it started like any other, I get the ringing in my ear but I start to feel calm and when I do it turns into a vibration but this night the vibrations were more intense and louder then I’ve ever felt. All of a sudden I start to see lights again all over my friend’s room I’ll close my eyes, blink a few times to get rid of them, they go for a bit and show up again. at this point i was done, I close my eyes and focused on falling asleep. and it’s like someone took a car with it’s headlights on and parked it right in front of me. My eyes are closed but the light or lights are just that bad. I’ve told my friends about this but they think I’m going crazy wtf is going on??? I want to see a professional, something happen when I was I was young im not sure if it’s was real, it my child-like imagination.

    1. Josue, you’re about to have out of body experiences.
      I came to the same state as you by meditating some years ago.
      Before meditating nothing special ever happened to me.
      See these:

  11. I thought I was alone.
    But if its a sense of skill that can be developed, then I need professional help.

    I can relate to the consistent ear noise, the bed vibrations, & the occasional gloss across my eyesight. Sometime when I lie in bed at night I hear random whispers that sounds like voices I’ve recorded in my head but can’t remember when & other times I need to force myself awake from vibrating dreams.

    I do not know how to meditate, although I tend to lose myself in deep thought a lot, but sometimes certain elements that my now hyper senses pick up brings back memories to a life I’ve never lived, & it feels like a good life that I’d rather live.

    I will admit that I need advice and guidance, I currently have no direction, & I am thankful for this thread.

    1. I love meditation, it has done wonders. Not so many vibrations,not so much ear vibrations. But my brow chakra..oh the pain. I think it’s so blocked, and I try to unblock the chakra, but I suck at it!!

  12. All of the above, no breaking bulbs that it ,
    You left off incredible heat up the spine…

  13. Your opening doors that arnt meant to be opened..and by doing so you are all being deceived by demons,fallen Angels…
    How do i know? Well ive been fighting these things for years and years,at times im left alone,other times im in a battle and i rebuke in LORD jesus christ name which does end the attacks,
    I agree the vail is being lifted and more and more people are seeing thing,hearing thing,taste,touch,smell…i can only warn you pls leave it well alone….
    LORD Jesus christ is coming back very very soon,pls turn your hearts to him,repent be holy spirit filled…
    Yes u can mock me,say i dont know,etc but i do know and all i can do is warn…..

    1. Peace and Love to you……Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect everyone’s opinion even if I disagree. I have actually found myself as a spiritual being through this type of stuff. To say these things are demons is being very ignorant and biased. No disrespect intended. I am so loving, so compassionate toward all, so selfless. I give so much respect and am very tolerant. Why would you lie to people and say this is evil. This is our true nature as spiritual beings. If you do not yet understand it, do not bash it. I am by no means religious, but read your book carefully before making accusations……. Because to be honest, if we go by your bible, then who is more evil God or Lucifer……..Like I said I do not believe in any religion in general. I believe we can gain knowledge from all religions just to add to our spirituality.
      This gives food for though.

      Satan is always portrayed as the bad guy, the root of all evil. Yet the references of him doing bad things in the bible itself don’t exist.

      People just assume he’s bad. But he could just be a popular leader trying to save people from dictatorship (GOD)

      This makes the bible severely flawed in its sense of justice. You just take a martyr to persuade people into fear and obedience and then you claim you love all.

      God wanted us to follow him blindly, Satan supposedly allowed us to have knowledge and free will. Also GOD supposedly murdered many (The plague etc), but I thought thou shall not commit murder. So he can do it, but he teaches us not to…..makes no sense.. In the bible it says GOD is a jealous GOD, I thought jealousy was one of the 7 deadly sins. Again he preaches one thing, but does the opposite. The bible is so flawed….Even in the beginning in Genesis it states We, not me or he, but WE create man in OUR image, meaning its more than one GOD………….I do not really get deep into religion because it is very inconsistent. Many people are just stuck in their ways…….One thing that is consistent is self…..Learn through self, not a book of characters we never seen. anyone can write and rewrite a book, but no one can live as you through your eyes, your experiences. We are special, unique. Don’t let religion take that away…..

      What are your thoughts?

  14. I’ve spent 30 years of my life fighting my intuition … Now the buzzing vibrating and heart beat washing swish swish noise is getting worse yes I saw people as a youngest was told to stop being stupid – it’s getting extream now I can kinict with a lot

  15. I need help. I have been having all of these symptoms plus others i am at a loss for what else it could be.

  16. Hi all! Well the strangest happenings have been happening. As a child I would see and hear things spirits, had strange dreams that would happen later, see and FEEL people pain in my dreams and later found out these peoples pain happened exactly as it happen in my dreams. Well I was young and feared the pain emotional and physical that went along with it and prayed for the “happenings” to go away. And they did, but I still felt “connected”. A few years pass and I felt like I needed to open that door again and asked/prayed for it back. Well nothing happened…right away…but I’ve had a few things lately occur that brought me to apparently this blog where a lot of what your describing has been happening. I guess my question is um where do I go or what do I do to keep this under control. Everything is so intense and I just need some guidance… Hope I made sense. Thanks -b

  17. i keep earing things like when a television is being put on i can ear people from far and i do see things i tought am going crazy

  18. I remember when i was in heaven they forbid me to talk about it here. I am a angel of love and justice and judgement i gave up my immortality to help others but i can still be able to get back my power by finishing the judgment of people who deserves to die.but I love all the people of this world created many people who i love. But they won’t learn this is the final judgment and it must be soon. I cannot control any body they most accept the sacrifice of the Lord.for i died and i know the pain he went through without screaming in pain to show that God is not weak. As long as my spiritual children are not around me i don’t feel like myself i feel like they are in danger of choosing the wrong side.

  19. I don’t want to destroy what I created but it will be soon when I will be judged by man and will have to open the door to heaven to start judgment of the government that judges me when only my father in heaven has that right . They cannot control me i will judge them and the children will never have a chance that God wanted them to have. I say this because I don’t fear death because I am a angel of heaven waiting for the chance to get back my power. For I am the leader of my lords army . Praise be to the lord for Jehovah’s with me and they will be judged.

    1. And everything you just said is a huge part of why mankind is struggling to evolve. How can we possibly be the powerful beings we are, if we keep taking on “Judgement” belief systems? We judge ourselves at the end. Source is above judgement. Only humans judge.

  20. i hear the ringings in my head since i was a child and i believe that i can sometimes see spirits…. i have all the symptoms listed and i’m sometimes paranoid with my surroundings. and now as i entered college i used to have sleep paralysis everynight

    one night .on my paralysis i got up and saw my self on the bed and there was a woman in black who brought me back to the bed by pressing me in the forehead back to the place where i used to lie. and i always hear some sort of music before i went completely asleep but i cant remember the lyrics when i wake up. and then i become more lucid on my dreams recently.

    can anyone explain whats happenning to me?
    my birthday is sept. 21 1998 .im a filipino.

  21. i would also like to add that i can feel my self moving when im in my sleep paralysis but i can see that i am not . i can sometimes feel the what-so-called “auras” radiating from people. and i always here a constant ring during sleep paralysis . the first time that i experience sleep paralysis is when i was 7 .my uncle gave me a shark tooth pendant and since i stop wearing that , i got rid of that paralysis as a child. but it came back again when i turned to 16 .

    please help me understand my conditions
    please reply asap

    you can email me at
    or add and message me on facebook

  22. Hello all, My name is Andre…I have experienced all of these beautiful things also. As a child I was able to see spirits and benevolent beings. I also had frequent sleep paralysis. As I got older it kind of faded away. Recently I got back into searching for truth and knowledge through me, through meditation, through spirituality. I learned that sleep paralysis can be used as a stepping stone for lucid dreaming and OBE’s. I am not afraid of them anymore, now I embrace them. I am going through something new now and would love if anyone has any advice or if anyone is going through the same thing. This is what just happened within the last month……Ok, so I have been meditating and listening to binary wave for over a year now, but a month ago things go really weird. I was in deep meditation one night and my pineal gland started to vibrate slowly, when I noticed this I began to put all my energy at that specific point. After a minute or so I started to feel this sexual stroking sensation on my third eye, so I kept focusing there. The pleasure continued to grow as if it was building up. It actually felt too good. After about 2 more minutes( I thought) it felt as if I was about to have a mental orgasm. I actually started to get scared because I thought it might have been a stroke, so I stopped. When I opened my eyes it was real blurry and I noticed that 4 hours had passed. Also my left ear seemed clogged, but I hear this beautiful light frequency, and I can actually hear other things more clearly; birds chirping, dogs barking, air planes, cars etc…… Now when I meditate I see these figures that look like Egyptian or Cretan Hieroglyphs. I also see what I think is our Universe and my mind see this little blue orb and when I mentally follow it with my third eye it seems as if I’m going in to some type of hyper space. Thank you all for reading, and any knowledge and/or opinion would be appreciated…..Always Love, Always Light……

  23. I lost the love of my life on December 2nd 2014. he hung his self. we hadn’t been together for 10 years and he lived in a whole nother state and got married and had three little girls. I was only 14 when I got pregnant with his first child in my first child, we had a son together. he was my first love and I have never since loved another man the way I loved him.. anyways after his death and I found out, I had to explain to his son what had happened..was not easy at all.. its crazy because I found out on Facebook of all places… my heart literally fell through the floor, I did not want to believe it.there’s so much more to this story but I’m going to keep to the after his death in after I grieved for a good 3 day straight (and I still am now) I started getting this ringing in my ears. now in the past my ears used to ring before but like maybe 2 times a year something like that… since his passing away it’s starting to become an everyday thing around the same time every morning, I will just get this loud buzzing in my ears … I could be sitting down then all the sudden I hear both of my ears start to tune out of everything else around me , kind of like I’m going deaf for a second, then the buzzing starts and it comes in really loud and then it slowly goes away and then my ears tune back in… and I get this peaceful feeling like I know its him like I know it’s him talking to me or trying to reach out to me so every morning I talk to myself or I talk to him, I really feel like I’m going crazy sometimes but how can I believe I’m going crazy when I do believe in God and I do believe in hell and heaven.. and if there is a hell and a heaven then it’s very much possible for there to be spirits, right? other strange things have been happening, but somebody please tell me that I am NOT crazy and this is happening to somebody else.. also I had my ears checked and I have nothing wrong with me

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss.
      This is just my opinion but everytime i feel a presence i hear a buzzing as well. If i am about to do something wrong, or if im about to be in danger, i smell mans cologne or cigarette smoke. I also have had been pushed.
      And lately the hairs on the back of my neck have stirred. My shoulder have been touched.
      I believe there are angels looking out for us. 👍

  24. I believe its a spiritual thing. Ever sense ive gotten more in tune with positive energy and vibes. Nd going by the bible. The high frequency of the sounds is louder. Im like really tired. Its like I wish I can hear who ever is trying to contact me already. But its non stop. One thing I did pray on is god revealing to me what is there for me. He speaks through people to communicate with me. Nd its discernment of spirits. Ive been trying to manifest it for the past week.

  25. Okay. It’s time for me to share.. I was born October 8 1994. libra.
    don’t remember much under the age 12. Mom days I slept walked and had nightmares same time since 2 years old stooped somewhere around 12. I am a very logical guy and can know a situation without having to know it ..if that makes sense. I understand people read people feel everything and know (for most part) when someone’s beING straight with me or basically predict the upcoming events. I have a very strong mindset..
    I wake up not being able to move and hear a buzz and always see a shadowing figure next to me but could never see features. last month it happened again except I was waiting for it in a oddly sense. It had long hair and glided across the living room and waited till I hard the front door lock click and I actually BROKE out of the paralyzed phase and tried saying stop cuz I thought it was actually someone but it all came out gibberish. The front door lock was unlocked. I have heard a ringing in my right ear for several months. I tweaked (drugs not bad yes unhealthy but it’s all outcome. Like I said mindset is very strong,I even gained weight and maintain muscle) so I always and still think government or something is following but I have proof and I’m sober 2 weeks out of month and still see the same bs “normal” people do. Hand gestures trucks van yada Yada Yada Yada pics blurry Yada Yada . So thought hey they blended in with color then though fuck, they separated light making themselves invisible , they have a light vibrant and I can hear a ringing in my right ear. Met up withe old buddy who saw my inner true self.. I help everyone , Idc about me as long as everyone is helped. Im not entitled and just want respect and appreciation. And I want companionship.. someone hitting me up for me ., not for my car dick money or dope.. I showed my buddy my true sadness in me that no one sees. I’m always every min angry but I never show it and people never know it.. really it’s because I’m truley sad behind all that anger i hide from everyone by showung them happiness amd humbleness.. I’m a wrecking ball ready to take more beatings… I’m aware of it. It’s fine though..I accept it because I refuse to change to be “happy” or have bad power. I believe Satan can be good if people said hey let’s help him he’s not so bad if we just stop saying he is cuz Jesus wants to help him most . Satan can actually spread good temptation.. even though god is satan. One person. My old buddy tried showing my other buddy the true self I am and how sad i really really am and he was doing it in a fucked up way and instead of busting out the sad little dude I am, he brought out the “alright, I guess this is how I have to play my cards from now on huh?” .. they called me the devil ect ect . Cuz yes I am very good but there’s the same amount opposite except I like it too. I enjoy it cuz I don’t directly hurt hurt but I do it in a pleasurable way where they can’t do anything or say anything to me cuz I’m very good . it’s like I have a double entantra (one thing more than one meaning.. ) for what I say to them. He calls me a warlock. I tried telling my girl who just came to state for me about what I saw and she said it’s not people who are invisible it’s demons and such. She called me a capsule holder (I’ll take in anything there is in front of me without fight ) evil good whatever. blacks cats were everywhere when she told me that, train screeching and I told it to SHUT UP and you couldn’t couldn’t say one before it shut up. I said another person’s tire would blow it blew , a dove was in middle of street and told it stay and it got hit. Like I’ve been getting more more assertive/aggressive tI those who play bs with me.. but still try to remain self-contained and selfless . I don’t pray to God , I look over and ask him his opinion, cuz he can’t judge me either. Only I can judge me. Even IF I die, I’m a be a fucking problem .. before hand I always heard talking not exactly audible though. I’ve learned plants and are magnetic and that’s how blinds and such are moved .. but the talkING , I see the dark tinted vibrant clear people when I slightly wants to lose a little bit of focus walking floating. everywhere I look there’s a face drawn painted built whatever.. I fucking sleep in my car to it sometimes rocking me and I say thank you and this is all before these buddies unleashed whatever. . I KNOW qnd hear something or someone every so slightly moving amongst me in the trees or grass or whatever at night mainly and I know there is. Because even though maybe a bird or squire ll or wind may have done it, it’s too much of “coincidence” especially ALL THE FUCK ING TIME”
    I always got really tripped out at my fam. House cuz it knew how to fuck with me by fucking with my fam so I slept In my car when I did sleep. My fam is now gone to cali , my gf is here and I stayed with her and her kid and this happened the other night, it was new and kinda scary. . The shadow figures that came to me when I couldn’t move through my life was coming FOR Me, it came TO me. my girls kid see that ghost thing too I know he does . He’s almost a year. he was sleeping and he got drug to me, I was 2 feet away and placed his hand on me. My girl slept and I was holding her too. It can’t fuck wiyh me personally. what I say goes kinda thing.. so it fucked with them to fuck with me or somethibg.. the dog got drug to push me then salivate for a good 20 min then was growling for a while.. they are all sleeping mind you.. my girls wrist was trying to get away from my hand but her son stayed close to me while the flashlight in my other hand was close to me but felt like it was being pulled away then noy like someone used clipped nor yanked my hair but I FELT my hair pulled out and it is shorter .. then all of a sudden, it was weird but grasp with me please and have that imagination cuz it happened, my heart felt like it got grabbed by something and I literally felt stuck and my head was diagonal and everything was getting darker and darker with a tint of yellow to go with the dark..and I was trying to breathe and out of nowhere I jumped up saying STOP… IT WAS SCARY . I kept waking my girl uo. Babe babe I have to go because it will stop fucking with u guys and I’ll sleep in my car.. but I stayed the whole time. . I literally felt the energy magnetic electrifying power course through me and i felt it close to my and even felt it on the bed like I was laying on it. Like seripusly.. this whole time I have been feeling it as I’ve been writing. . And weird noises but it can’t fuck with me . I fucking control whatever there is mine or not. . I feel it like moving my clothes or going into my pockets or whatever or touching me .. HA that’s it? But I can’t be too naive either.. I’m on a different plane.. for real. As I wrote this . Either my girl her kid or the dog is making a sinister kind of snore . I just turned to look away from the phone and I look at everything and I give a mad look and growl back. Like I’m pissed already all the time, don’t FUCK ING PUSH me. I am not religious and barely just got spiritual and didn’t know I had physic powers except I have every single one of them. . Not just one or two. I didn’t know anything until I started reading 2 hours ago. I’m a natural basically.. I do fat lines of shit and ya being the energized shakes of hands then immediately stop it by breathing because mindset. Only thing this does for me is work 60 more ho ur s a week . I’m very keen with my senses ever since being homeless. I’m very logical and in tuned with the natural order and know and feel and all that. I’m 20 years old . WHY DIE TO GET TO HEAVEN . I’m already living my heaven and he’ll except there’s a word for it …. oh ya life.. the aliens we have spoken with as the USA those aliens are future us haha. We live on some other planet and we know time travel even in this time we know time travel already. Possible water planet only though or its straight up a non physical state we live in on this other planet. We have conditions and that’s to let everyone know so we made movies and music and ect ect to let us know hint hint ;). No one told me satan could be good , I told my self that , everything is my idea that came out to be true or some shit ..
    this is all real.I’m not fucking crazy.. IM INSANE feel me?
    Expecting different result repeating same thing over .. except there WILL be a different result to my repeatedly acts and doings.. takes one for people to see and stand too.. small things Matter more.. ugly is beautiful to me.. no such thing as dumb. You are all as smart as me.. and I’m not addicted to drugs haha. I’m addicted to love and peace.. I just know I can do this and I know I won’t…. but I hope I don’t become like the selfish people Out there again Or give up and crack.. because if I can think while always being mad, geez, trust me not good that I can plan while “exploding”.. I don’t ever use or speak of power to anyone but many hate me because they know my quiet power is scarier and stronger than their words and guns .. I help and try to get everyone to be better than me.. I know I’m hotshit and rats say my name all the time.. it’s fine cuz Im burning and seriously go to sonic for a shake haha. Names josh 20 male idaho fb:josh lives. Please don’t fucking message my fam or anything unless it’s for me..that’s where I suggest u you guys post and comment about my thing. You guys are the only ones who really know about any of this tio.. listen to stairway to heaven reverse, I understand almost every word. .whatever it is I see and deal with, it fuck with the people I care for and has been around for many months. . Guess what what, I still KNOW that it’s spiritual AND USA fucking with me and trying to condition my mind that it’s demons and blah blah I said future us are the “aliens” but still haven’t put every piece together and ya I do disconnect to replace them together but I will know. Game of chess… oh u made ur move? Well its ur turn again should have not turned ur head cuz my move is made already..
    oh ya my girl gets shocked every time she kisses me and animals get weird around me then listens to my every word.. Im not a animal person AT ALL lol. Don’t know their full intentions till a couple minutes of being withe them. you guys can’t ever see my pupils either, just go and message me on my fb: josh lives.
    Haha even got these one cops ,though they were trying to hide it, shaking and my old dude who is very big scared of me too runnin. Not conceited or cocky, just enjoying the perks of good and bad power now feel me,? I hate the bad power. .
    I want to be A UMMMMM NOTHING EXACTLY BUT…. to know as much as possible throughout my TIME… to everything there is ..
    My daughter yesterday said my eyes we’re red and my son said we have the same eyes which we do…:(
    All wI’ll be well with the mindset I have.:,)

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