Yesterday I woke up feeling weak as a newborn kitten. I’m not kidding. I wasnt sick. It wasnt the flu. I just felt drained. Like all the energy drained out of me.

It has happened before. Never like this.

I couldnt brush my hair, it was an effort to hold the comb. I was thinking, it must because I’m lacking vitamins. Which was ridiculous, I had been chugging some vitamins the whole week. Stupid “aunt Flo” decided to be a bitch and visit this week.

You know how she is. A real bitch. However, she wasnt cranky this week. Which was good.

I walked to work, took me forever. Slow as turtle.

“Oh my god, am I there yet?” I kept muttering. Its only four blocks away. I hadnt even left my driveway.

“How about now?”

no not even at the corner store.  Nope. I got to the gas station which is just a hop away. McD’s parking lot is full.

“Why do you this to me?” I appeal to the heavens. “Why?”

I finally managed to get on the floor for my shift, I have people yipping at me, because I am late. “Yeah, shut it.” I muttered. I get to go in First.

Yeah. I am happy. I dont have to do anything exhausting. I have to prop myself on the sill, and hand out money. Thank you Zack.

By mid-afternoon, my energy is coming and going. I am not wearing any of crystals on me, so that cant be it. Then I look down. I am wearing my labradorite ring on a necklace. I touch it. It is warm closer to hot. It is almost clear, instead of the iridescent blue or green that it normally is.

What the hell kind of crap is this?

So I take it off. I feel a little bit better. So I decide to see what the hell is wrong with me. Using the ring as a pendulum, I ask if I am anemic. Nope. I ask several more questions relating to health. Nope. I was physically healthy. Then I ask why I am so weak.

I was not pleased with the answer.

The other time when I was so weak, the answer was the same, someone was siphoning my energy. Our bond was repairing and strengthening, so he was draining my energy.  Yeah right. Like I believe that. What? He was now a pyschic vampire?

I havent even seen him in forever.

how can one be psychic vampire without being in the same room or vicinity as another person.

what a bunch of baloney.

or could be his wife. his wife goes to psychics.

cue evil music…

I’m feeling a little stronger today. I had to sleep with my carnelian. and chakra crystals last night.

I promised my dad I would help clean the church today. sweet mother of pink.

Dont smite me!




♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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