I was reading the other day on Kelley Armstrong‘s facebook page that her book Bitten (of her Women of the otherworld  series) is going to be made into a tv series.

Set in Toronto and upper New York State, BITTEN follows the adventures of 28-year-old Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf. An orphan, Elena thought she finally found her “happily ever after” with her new love Clayton, until her life changed forever. With one small bite, the normal life she craved was taken away and she was left to survive life with the Pack.

Its going to be on Space. Yeah.

Hmm fan casting:

Elena: Laura Vandervoort. She was Clark’s cousin on Smallville.

Clay: Eion Bailey. Was August on Once Upon a Time. (Pinocchio)

Jeremy: Max Martini– I call him Mac 10! he was Mac on the Unit. Columbiana

Image of Max Martini

Antonio: Lee Teregsen. I almost had an orgasm when I thought of him as Antonio. who cares if he isnt latin. Sweet mother of pink. He was in OZ as Beecher!

Image of Lee Tergesen


Nick: Jason Behr . he hasnt been on tv in sooo long. Just a shot out there.


Logan: still thinking on that one.

Karl Marsten: Brian Krause. Hmm he was Leo on Charmed.

Image of Brian Krause


It will be interesting to see how BITTEN will turn out as a series.

Hopefully it wont turn out as horribly as the Sookie Stackhouse series did. Omg True Blood Has gotten so horrible. I cant even watch it.

The Women of the Other World is my favorite series by Armstrong.

Eve, Kristof, Savannah, Paige, and Elena are my fave!


7 thoughts on “BITTEN: THE TV SERIES

  1. I love all things vampire and have not read this series. I will have to now. I too am so over True Blood! I wish they would do one for the Anita Blake series but I’d prefer those to be movies😀


    1. hmm i am not sure if they could do one of the Anita Blake series…lol it would be too hot for tv ha ha
      Bitten is a were wolf series. tho in some of the cases she does mention a vampire. mostly were wolf, witches and demons.
      it is a good series!


  2. Heya sorry I stumbled on to this. This is just my opinion that you can’t judge every actor by a previous role or because of the way he looks in RL photos. There’s a good possibility this Max guy can pull it off. The thing that reminded me of this idea is because you mentioned True Blood and I was reminded of the actor that plays Jason. An incredible performer. that guy is a straight up Aussie and it’s like everything about him, even his appearance, changes when he’s in character. It’s always possible. I’m just excited that they’re finally doing something with this amazing series!


    1. Clay seems to me, a very harden guy, there are just some actors who can and can’t pull off it. An actor has to bring out the characters depth. and some actors are chosen for their looks as well their acting chops.
      Some actors don’t fit what the fans have in mind for the characters. Such as the guy playing Clay.
      Look what happened when they cast Rue in Hunger Games. They had a freak out because they thought Rue should be white. Ridiculousness.
      Fans have an idealistic view on their characters.
      So do I.
      Well, we shall see how this guy pans out


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