Scary dream! Afraid to sleep!

I had the worst nightmare ever! I wonder if it’s possible to vomit while you’re sleeping? Because I was violently vomiting in my dream that my reaction in realtime was to gag hard!

It began like a Dateline narrative, explaining the events gone wrong at a house. Two kids being babysat by a teen couple, the couple were ok. At first until they started experiencing weird incidents, phone calls, door knocking, nobody there when they opened it.

Flashback to when the kids lived in Phoenix, they lived in a happy home until one of them played a horrible game invoking a demon like entity.

Moved hoping it would be gone! Nope!

Fast forward to the present, the boyfriend gets up to use the bathroom. He returns and find a man hovering over his girlfriend, kissing her.

He just stands there! In shock angry that she would betray him with her ex!

But I start panicking in realtime! My dreamself can see everything, feel everything. I can see the man’s true image and its horrible!

He is killing this girl by suffocating her. His evil is making me sick!

“Do something!” I cry, but the boyfriend just stands there!

I’m getting worse, I literally want to throw up now! The stench, the man is hideous!

I had to take control of the dream! “Get of this house!” I shouted.

The man is so startled. He rears back, looks back at me. His face contorts and stretches. “Get out!” 

It was as if he was looking at God at himself he was so frightened, the entity went straight back to hell!

And the girl looked at me, this goo oozing out of her mouth!

I woke up, l wanted to vomit!

Ugh scary dreams!



“If you cum before the movie ends, you know what will happen? ” he whispered in my ear.
I bit my lip and nodded. Then smiled.
“The question is do you think you can make me cum before the movie ends?”
“Is that a challenge?” He asked, his fingers stroking my thigh.
“It is.”
“I know what turns you on, I know your body better than you do.” His fingers skimmed closer. ” challenge accepted”
-hmm being finger fucked in public! I love it!

Just going to church


Tonight my mother decided to preach to me about how I am going to hell, because I’m not going to church! That I don’t pray. And that I don’t listen God’s message.
The thing is, my mother doesn’t know me.
“Don’t tell me about God! Don’t tell me how to pray and don’t tell me how to worship Him! You don’t know what I do!” I snapped.
“But you don’t go to church. How I wish my children went to church!”
I found the whole conversation hypocritical, she preaches about the apocalypse, how “Christian” she is.
When the truth is, she could claim all she want she is Godfearing, that she is religious, but she is just the worst hypocrite ive ever seen! in the end the only one to tell me, I am going to hell, is God himself. He is my judge. I know I am a sinner, I am not afraid of it, and asking forgiveness is all I can do to remain strong in my faith. every day I wake up more blessed more grateful to be in His Presence.
Why be afraid of His Love when one can bask in it!



“I’m telling you what is putting those kids in those comas is not an illness! It’s attacking them in their sleep! Using their fears to kill them!”

“Is it possible to go back in our dreams? I don’t like it here”

“Yes its called dream re-write. Dream recall. Just close your eyes. Think of a canvas. And paint it. Whatever colors you like”

-My  dream.

Waking up from this dream left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Literally!

It was bizarre. It was as if The Cell and Nightmare on Elmstreet got together and decided to have a baby!

There was a serial killer, he was a Dream Walker. He had the ability to walk into children’s dreams. He would pretend to be something or someone friendly, luring the kids to play with him, putting the children into a coma-like state. They couldnt wake up,

Then the Dream Walker would use whatever frightened them into killing them.

He got such a rush from it. It made him feel God-like!

Of course neurosurgeons, and regular doctors couldnt account for this bizarre medical occurrence. The kids were not responding to medical treatment, they were in a coma like state. They tried everything to coax a response, Adrenaline. But their body wouldnt register any pain etc.

They were just in a coma like sleep! Their EEGs, EKGs results were normal, despite the amount of stress they were in their sleep! It was unheard of! Their eyes however told another story. Rapid Eye Movement. That was the only clue that told the doctors how much stress the kids were under. And the petechial hemorrhaging. When they died.

The whole time the Dream Walker fed on their fear, he exulted in it, he never let the outside world know how frightened those children really were. I guess it was blessing.The kids’ heart beat never increased. An impossibility in the real world, right?

It was strange seeing all those colors, feeling all that fear. And the taste. It was the most disgusting taste. My mouth kept filling up with this foam, like the children were being suffocated or smothered and no matter how hard I scrubbed my mouth in the dream, I was choking with it. It was just gross.

Yet no matter how hard I tried to convince the doctors that this wasnt natural, that what was affecting the children was indeed out of their realm of expertise, I couldnt save the kids. Even tho I went into their dreams. I watched them die. One by one.

another awesome plotline for a story if i didnt have such writer’s block!!!


I’m beginning to feel like my body is trying to find some way to kill me! Make it look like a natural death! A most painful one.
Oh my god the headache I have right now is unbelievable!
And its all thanks to my intuition.

This morning, I had been in a deep sleep. When this horrible ear piercing sound shattered my peaceful dream.
Its frequency mimicking a dog whistle,if a human could hear it.
It was so painfully loud I bolted awake wondering what the hell was going!
I listened for footsteps. Anything that could be out of place. Nothing.
I laid back down. Annoyed.
That my intuition would wake me up for nothing!
Orgasms ease my pain, and put me back to sleep. I was enjoying the pleasure rolling over me, relaxing me when I
hear Jordan and GF have sex a few moments later.
I was so quiet!
Are you kidding me?!
I was woken up so I could listen to them put on show!!

I came. But I couldn’t fall asleep!
So we had the same idea, no big deal or so I thought!
Until a  hour ago!
Before I went to bed. I meditated, and must have passed out.
I didn’t sleep much, because there was a sudden pressure on my third eye chakra. The pain was immense.
It was like getting hit in the forehead with a hammer!
I groaned, coming awake slowly. “Oh fuck!” I moaned I clutched my head.
Suddenly GF started moaning, she got louder.
That wasn’t cool!
Not even 10 minutes after they were finished their friends came by, catcalling!
It would be funny if it wasn’t so painful.
I don’t need or want my intuition waking me up for something so stupid! I have ears! The whole entire building can hear her howling.
Ugh. What I would like is sleep.


I love how dreams flaunt your inner desires and remind you how you are failing compared to the rest of the human race!

When I was younger one of my dreams was to buy and move into my grandma’s house in the country. Have a family and be happy.

Now, I don’t want children. I’m questioning love. And my purpose in life.

Having dreams about my happy ending is sad. Especially when I want it with someone I can never have!

Well I had a dream that I was rebuilding my grandmas house in the country, it was all bones, just structure rooms being formed. 

I had given birth to a baby, and I was showing M the house. He was so proud of me. It meant a lot to me hearing his praise. His new wife wasn’t so proud. In fact she was seething with rage and jealousy, as we went from room to room and I explained my vision for each. 

When we got to the attic, M was silent. He turned to me, he held me for a moment. “You did and are doing a wonderful job, I am so proud of you!” He reached for my baby, “I’m going to get this one changed!”

The moment M left to go into the next room, his wife suddenly turned to me. Her expression was frightening. “You think because you have a man, a baby, this place you don’t think I know you are still in love with my husband!” She shrieked. “You will never have him!”

She shoved me, pushing me over the bannister of stairs that led up to the attic.

The fall was slow. My arms outstretched, and I saw M suddenly at the bannister. His hand reaching for me. He was screaming my name.

I was making distressed sounds in my sleep, it sounded like I was a mouse and for some reason I could hear everything in real time. 

Yet I never woke up, I just associated the sounds with my body hitting the floor, and the mouse like sound as my breath leaving my body!

That “death” could be why I hate stairs so much! 

I am failing at life, my dream told me!


You may live or work around a bunch of weeds, but don’t let that stop you from blooming. Realize that your environment does not prevent you from being happy. Some people spend all their time trying to pull up all the weeds. Meanwhile, they miss much of their lives. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. You can’t change the traffic in the morning. You can’t fix everybody at work. You can’t make all your family members serve God. But you shouldn’t let that keep you from being happy. Bloom anyway and focus on the things that you can change. You can change your own attitude. You can choose to be happy right where you are.

Joel OsteenYour Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

DREAM: being a hero to the people!

I had a remarkable dream about this tribes man who fought his entire life to overcome the hatred of his people, the racial profiling from outsiders, physical torture from war. He returned home to his people when he was in his 40s and they bestowed upon him a new name: Warrior . 

While he enjoyed this honour, others were envious, sought to destroy him. Again. That’s when his young son saved him.

The tribes people celebrated these two heroes. And made them their heroes.

I woke up smiling. Its nice to have an inspiring dream!