Meditating leads to new unusual experience!

I was meditating focusing on my third eye chakra. Instantly images were being thrown at me. Fast and interchanging, I could not see what they were. It was the most unusual thing to see. It has never happened. Because I usually get nothing.
Then an image of a door appeared and it slowly was opening…



I decided to light a candle surrounded by carnelian, fire agate and rose quartz to amp up the energy in the bedroom.
Carnelian and fire agate promotes great sexual energy and rose promotes love. Both self love and confidence.
The strawberry quartz and Garnet helps with love as well.  Serpentine awakens kundalini energy!
What I didn’t realize the strawberry quartz would change color!


It is now red/pink.
What to do.
4 things I have learnt while doing crystal work.

1. If a crystal breaks while you are in use of it, it means it did its job. Wait for the results.
2. If a crystal fades or changes color, it is burnt out. cleanse. Need to recharge it.
3. If a crystal is lost while you are in use of it, The universe is telling  You are going to be OK. And the crystal will show up when you need it again.
4.if your chakra necklace breaks, it means its done all it can to help you maintain balance.


I asked God in last night’s prayer that I was tired of being resentful, bitter impatient. I wanted to be the kind of person, that would bring a smile to someone’s face when they saw me!!! I wanted to exude happiness!

I was tired of not having a purpose in my life, that I strive to be someone who walks in Faith love and who would build people up as I went!

There were other things as well, but most of all the words “meaningful and inspire” came to mind!

I wanted to be a writer who wrote to inspire, make people laugh and feel emotion! I wanted to be someone who wrote with meaningful intention!

But as I was speaking to God, I realized it was always what I wanted! And I sighed, “I am being selfish again, Lord! Forgive me!”

This morning I found this quote and I smiled.



I had a dream about my dead cat early this morning. It made me so happy because I miss him so much!

When he was alive, and I was living at home, he would sleep with me. He was really particular about how he slept. He would let me cuddle for about 10minutes, he would then squirm out of my arms, and snuggle into the corner of my legs or pillowsj

He loved to cuddle. In my dream he came into my room. He jumped onto the bed. I felt the bed dipped, but he just sat there at the end of my bed! Even when I called him to me!

I woke up, a little sad tho.

– I dozed off while writing this. My fingers Hit published in mid writing!

Then just as I finished writing the last sentence of my dream something dropped in the other room! I wonder what it is!😲


“Prayer really does work. It’s a spiritual phenomenon created by an unlimited, powerful God. And it yields amazing results.”
― Alex Kendrick, The Love Dare

I pray when I wake up.

I pray when I shower.

I pray when I am sad.

I pray when I am happy.

I pray when I see others so sad or in pain.

I pray when I am grateful.

I pray before bed.

I pray if I am afraid.

And the most remarkable moment I had was when I feeling so lost, I was crying out to God asking him why?! And something made me close my eyes, and I saw Jesus. His hands reached out to me. I never felt so much peace. So much joy. I cried out to God thanking him. It was the most astonishing, happy moment in my spiritual life.

Many people question my beliefs.

Even sometimes I do.

I question  my actions, my words affect others, and I am ashamed to say it, I am a horrible person.

Every day I try to be humble, to walk more in the Christian faith. But I look around, and I see how people who claim they are “christian”  act, and say things in the name of  God to rebuke others, and I am happy I dont follow their footsteps.

I dont go to church, I dont preach to others, I dont act pious.

Seems kind of ironic, for all the spouting off  that I do.

My faith never seems to waver.

It is a good day.

A good day to remember how wonderful prayer is, how wonderful God is. What a wonderful presence He is in our lives.

Scary dream! Afraid to sleep!

I had the worst nightmare ever! I wonder if it’s possible to vomit while you’re sleeping? Because I was violently vomiting in my dream that my reaction in realtime was to gag hard!

It began like a Dateline narrative, explaining the events gone wrong at a house. Two kids being babysat by a teen couple, the couple were ok. At first until they started experiencing weird incidents, phone calls, door knocking, nobody there when they opened it.

Flashback to when the kids lived in Phoenix, they lived in a happy home until one of them played a horrible game invoking a demon like entity.

Moved hoping it would be gone! Nope!

Fast forward to the present, the boyfriend gets up to use the bathroom. He returns and find a man hovering over his girlfriend, kissing her.

He just stands there! In shock angry that she would betray him with her ex!

But I start panicking in realtime! My dreamself can see everything, feel everything. I can see the man’s true image and its horrible!

He is killing this girl by suffocating her. His evil is making me sick!

“Do something!” I cry, but the boyfriend just stands there!

I’m getting worse, I literally want to throw up now! The stench, the man is hideous!

I had to take control of the dream! “Get of this house!” I shouted.

The man is so startled. He rears back, looks back at me. His face contorts and stretches. “Get out!” 

It was as if he was looking at God at himself he was so frightened, the entity went straight back to hell!

And the girl looked at me, this goo oozing out of her mouth!

I woke up, l wanted to vomit!

Ugh scary dreams!