This what we have become

Christmas is so commercialized, people have a freak out over a cup! It has nothing to do with the “Christ” in Christmas or why we celebrate the holiday!

But why a cup is red!

Mcds has a red cup with snow flakes this year. That’s why Starbucks doesn’t have snowflakes.

Who cares about the red cup anyway.

If people gonna make fuss about crappy $5 coffee, donate the money!



Don’t ever change who you are, your appearance, your morals for someone else.
They arent worth the time and effort.
If they can’t accept what you are offering them, then walk away.
You are a gift, let someone treasure you!


What would be the point of thinking like everyone else?

How else are we to be set apart from each other, but from our thoughts? Our minds? We are not a Hive Collective. We are not cyborgs relying one mind one thought. We are individuals. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that kind of behavior in society. I dont understand it.
When I read or watch documentaries on obsession, cult related incidents, it just is unfathomable to me how people lose their identity for the sole purpose of serving another. That kind of devotion is lost on me.

  • the idea of surrendering my thoughts, my ideas, my  control to another is frightening. Which is why I question anyone’s ability to give theirs willing to organised religion, to cult fanatics, to obsession.
  • i am on a roll, ok?

Does he?

Sometimes I wonder does he think about me, when I haven’t thought about him at all.
Sometimes I wonder does he dream about me when I do.
And sometimes I wonder does his heart flutters like mine does
Is that when the dream ends
For us both?


“God doesnt make mistakes.” – Donna Rosewood

The best answer to anyone questioning themselves.

God made each of us in his image. He has a plan for each of us. If anyone cant accept who we are that is ok, because they are not accepting Him or his plan.

We are not supposed to compare ourselves to each other. We are not suppose to judge each other. Or compel others to hate.

We arent called to be like other christians, we are called to be like Christ.